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Winning design #166 by meandesigns25, Logo Design for Turicum Solutions Contest
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designed by meandesigns25

Project description

Dear Designers

We are a Consulting Firm providing consulting services in all areas of economic activity. 

- we need a logo:

- we already have a template that should show you what we are looking for

- The logo should have an image that resembles a celtic "tree of live" (see the example)

- And it should contain our name "Turicum Solutions"

- Turicum is the old celtic name for Zurich. The logo should therefore have some celtic flavour to it

- The logo must be clean and catchy

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  • TS-18

    This version features a slightly compressed "TURICUM" text and a taller "SOLUTIONS" text box for better balance.
    Also shown in vertical layout. #174
  • TS-17

    Another new version with the updated icon in a dark aubergine monochrome.
    Give me a note on what colors you prefer if you have any particular ones in mind. #173
  • TS-16

    New update with a solid purple monochrome, bigger "SOLUTIONS" text and restyled tree icon: I've added a middle prong on the top section to break up what you see as "ears". I've blown up that part of the graphic as a watermark so you can see it in detail. Let me know if it works better for you. #172
  • Nice logo: please make sure the top of the tree deos not look like ears. please do not fade colors in the logo. please make the solutions part more prominent #154
    • About #154, @matthias_achermann Again, I don't think that the top section could be confused for ears since it's a repeated pattern, but I'll modify it somewhat.
      No gradients, ok.
      Will do.

  • really nice. maybe we can try some color variations?
  • great logo. Turicum part and solutions part seem to be slighlty too far apart.
  • maybe here should be also some angle for the writing like in the bottom? dont know if it looks good.. #163
  • very nice logo and font. the solutions part seems somehow not in complete harmony with the rest. the wrinting seems to be slightly too far apart also. #164
  • great idea :-)

    I like:

    Thank you..

  • Some fonts, maybe you like one of them. #165
  • this font is still the best so far. we need to work on the "Solutions" part #107
    • About #107, @matthias_achermann So what needs to be done on the "Solutions" part. I think the color is perfect. Adding color will ruin the simplicity and elegant look of the logo, but it is still up to you.

  • Hi, tell me what do you think about this one? #157
  • dont like the colors. dont like the font #149
  • logo needs to be left hand side #151
  • very nice font! please make the solutions part more prominent. please use another line stile for the surounding square around the logo #153
  • good logo, I dont like the circle and the brown color #155
  • TS-15

    Another version with the new modified icon and a dark blue/metallic purple color scheme.

    If you like this layout let me know what kind of colors you'd like to see previewed. #154
  • TS-14

    Here's a new version with a modified icon – included 3 spheres; one on top as a node to the central section and two on either side of the trunk, in alternate colors – and a dark green color scheme. #152
  • logo looks a bit like it has ears. can you try vary the colors? #117
    • About #117, @matthias_achermann Sure, colors are open to exploration, but... I don't get how you see "ears" in the tree :D
      All the tree graphics in various designs are very similar of course, so I'm a little confused if you're only seeing "ears" in mine.

  • I turned the Celtic dial up a bit more. #150