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Winning design #247 by nuning_azizulchanif, Logo Design for Turn Fit Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nuning_azizulchanif

Project description

Company selling fixed and self-customizable mixes of grains, muesli, seeds. The brands claim is to change/shift personal habits/preferences of the potential clients into the healthy whole grain, fiber rich, natural, sugar free, plant-based diet. The accents should be directed into this kind of mental (first) and dietary change. The web address will be probably www.turn-fit.com. 

Logotype should be rather simple, minimalistic, maybe it should suggest kind of movement from where we are now to the new healthier kind of food choices and the way we organize our meals on everyday basis.
Mental associations: organic, plant, natural, non-processed, healthy, light, portable, easy-prepared.

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  • hello @drczarny,
    hope you will like this logo.
    feel free to let me know if you need any changes... #378
  • zoom it.. #328
  • sir check my draft number #325
  • sir check my draft number #325
  • sir check my draft number #323 #324
  • clean,new background #322
  • For now this is my favourite proposal. Can you play a little with colours or show the same on different background? Thanks in adv #151
    • About #151, @drczarny
      thanks. for feedback

  • How to arrange the www adress in this logo in case we need it, any proposal? Can you send this on different background as well? #151
    • About #151, @drczarny
      ok.thanks i will to try it

  • please check, how about this one? #264
  • Fit should be green, Turn grey #234
  • Fit should be green, Turn grey #234
  • Please rotate the circle 180degree #234
  • Please rotate the circle 180degree #234
  • logo #221
  • logo #218
  • Try to re-design my previous logo, change the color and others shapes. please give me your opinion and feedback sir #213 #212 #214 :)
  • sir my next logo #211
  • sir, i submit my design . if you want any change can tell me .......... i will do ....... #206
  • clean, #173
    • @ARTos Really strong concepts ! nice clean, simple and very esthetic. Highly ranked

  • Logo idea. hope you like it. Good luck #200
    • @intechnology thanks nice try !