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Winning design #32 by Rocky30, Logo Design for Tuubeez Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Rocky30

Project description

Tuubeez are a product that are 2 cm colorful cylindrical silicone tubes that go around the strings of your earbuds. I want the logo to be Sleek. Simple. and I want it to be balanced. I don't want any rainbows though.

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  • Hello CH, About #27 I made the changes you suggested, I also made the loops smaller. I hope I went in the right direction. Regards, Creativitron
  • Hello, nice idea, could you mess with this a bit? maybe make the loop a part of the letter T and B. Thanks for submitting!
  • We like this, could we have the tubes maybe alternate colors? Thanks.
  • I love the bee. Could we have some different variations of background and coloring. Our color scheme is "topical skittles" at (https://kuler.adobe.com/#themes/search?term=tropical%20skittles) Also, we want to see some bright tuubeez on the bee's earbuds. THANKS
  • heres my first entry #24 i hope you like it feedback is welcomed
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #4 for your review...... Thank you, DM
  • Hello CH, here we are sending our proposals for your consideration 12 13 14 Please, kindly, let us know what you think and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
  • Hi Would you please upload a picture of your product! I'v never seen that! thank you
  • Hello CH, I submitted #1 for your critique. I hope it is going in the right direction. Thank you.
  • Hello CH, Is there a way you could attach photo of your product? It would really helpful. Thanks, Creativitron
  • I made my design, #34 minimal and modern. I hope you like. Mara
  • Hi there! Please upload your entry without the bee element, because it would be a copy of a concept of another designer:http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/tuubeez-logo/entry/33/ Try to be original and not use elements of other designs.
  • Hi, I made some modifications to the logo with other colors. I hope your feedback and thanks for your comments. I play the company name to create a pictoral mark playful with which to remember your company. Regards!
  • #31 I have made changes in the font and have also added the differant colour tubes. I hope you like it. Alex.
  • I'm sorry, but the concept of the bee was previously used by http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/tuubeez-logo/entry/23/ So this counts as a copy. Try to figure smth else.
  • Hi Nice job re doing these. Could you maybe make the headphones of the bee more prominent and the tuubeez a color that is bright?
  • Number #70 is my entry sir! please check and tell me what to you think. its simple and creative showing a bud replaced with the bee face. Hope you like my idea.
  • Hello CH, I just submit my first entry #73, #74 & #75. I made a simple modern and bright logo in #75 I try to give a simple symbol that combine "t" & "b" I hope you like it regards, iko
  • I made another design, #57, which is minimal and bright yet calming. Two color schemes. Hope you like. Mara