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Winning design #167 by Creativita, Logo Design for TVman: Wireless DTV antenna Contest
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designed by Creativita

Project description

Hello creative prodigies: Please read the below before you start brainstorming on the design: Project: Logo reinterpretation based on the original design. Logo(product) Name: TVman About TVman: It is a digital TV antenna/receiver that allows you to watch over the air TV. It transfers the signal to any computer or tablet by Wi-fi. Target Audience: We aim to target young audiences who own smartphones/tablets and who are also interested in tech/media/electronic gadget trends. Requirements: We are looking for a logo represent our consumer product line. TVman will be the family name of one of our product categories. We would love to have the original logo to be reinterpreted into a more modern atmosphere since it currently appears to be a little outdated. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Concept of design: “TVman allows users to watch free digital TV through WiFi, it turns your smartphones and tablets into a mobile TV.” We would also like to see some smart manipulation on the letterform, for example:,letter,form,logo,plug,type,wta-f3014bd376f1d81c02cf462c8b2f89bd_m.jpg You are more than welcome to try to incorporate the WiFi symbol or a TV contour/silhouette to the logotype, it’s a nice to have but not mandatory. 2. Typography - Though the name might sound like a Sci-Fi figure but we would like the design to look and feel more serious rather than playful. Also, we prefer the clean and modern sans serif fonts than serif fonts. 3. Color palette - We do not want to come across as being colorful. Less is more! So please use the "orange" given in our color selection or play around different hues between the selected orange and the one being used in our original logo. 4. Please feel free to experiment with the type tracking and alterations. We would love to see your imaginations on incorporating the product function into the logo. Also, it would be nice to see some creativity on combining "T" and "V" and play with the similarity of the "M" and "N." Please do not over manipulate the font, we want to keep it legible, simple yet catchy, and memorable. The files we will require are: Print file format - .ai (CMYK) Web file format - .jpg and layered .psd (RGB) We look forward to seeing your brilliant, modern, and provocative designs! Thank you!

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  • Hi Matt, Please see attachment. Let me know if you need more info. Thankz.
  • Yo wanna a redesign of your old logo design...please give us a link for the old stuff!
  • Nice to see more entries coming, here are our thoughts: for #25 and #26, very different approach on the concept, we like how you tried to make the letters "M" "A" and "N" looking like tv waves...if that was your approach at all, why not make the wavelength all the way? Maybe the T and V could some how be integrated into the waves? for #25, maybe replace white with orange on MAN, and abandon the WiFi signal if necessary. We also like how it looks like it's been composed with triangles, playing with shapes is also a nice approach, please keep working it on it so it's even more legible and sophisticated. Thank you!
  • Hi designers, thank you for all your efforts but please do pay attention to our brief and comments before submitting your entries... The logo is goign to be our identity so we need to stress again on the image we want TVman to be perceived by others as more serious and sophisticated... for #23, great improvement! is it possible to develop it further to make it more serious looking? And it will be nice to see more details/contrast/concept to be played on the "T" and "V" as well as M and N. At this stage, we are not too fancy about the typography...maybe a different font? alter the font? It is going the right direction though, just needs more efforts to make it original =) for #19-#22, good job on getting rid of the glare/gradient and we see you read our comments on making TV a logo mark :) However, what we see right now are too much like icons/buttons...and that is not really what we want to be used on our identity...also, we feel that an illustration of TV might be a bit too playful...maybe try to play around with the letter "T" and "V" instead of using an illustration of TV? Thankz.
  • Thank you for submitting your entries, here are our thoughts: for #6, we like how the T integrates with V(see attachments we just uploaded for designers to get a better idea on what we want), good direction, because we would like to be able to use just "TV" alone to represent this product we like to see it develops further so it's recognized as the word TV yet also memorable. We also think it's better to keep it solid color because gradient may cause printing issues later. for #10, we like the incorporation of the wifi and the A, it looks like an antenna, eifel tower(which is good), and from far away you could still read the letter A. However, we are not sure about the outline of the M and N, and also the comic like font for "TV"...the combination makes the entire logo a bit crowded...perhaps it could tone down a little to make it more sophisticated... Please keep in mind that we prefer serious than playful, modern than classic...we would like to see unique and original design but after all it still needs to be legible. We look forward to seeing more entries! Thank you!
  • Also tweaked #25 with #129 where making the lower triangles same with the rest in term of color and removed the signal.
  • Dear CH, I have modified the entry #38 as in entry #126 where I pulled the side of "T" so it will be more obvious and stand out. Also, pulled the "M" letter from the middle up to make more like "M" than "W". Waiting for your feedback. Regards,
  • Hi #90 by strdesign, Thank you for submitting your entries. We like the idea of turning V into an up side down triangle, perhaps you could play with shapes throughout the entire logo so there is consistency? Look forward to seeing more revisions from you. Thank you.
  • Hi foysolrahman, Thank you for submitting entries in 3 completely different styles. Here are our thoughts on them: #98, as stated in brief, we do not desire something too colorful...and we've given comments on incorporating illustration of TV, we thought it might be a little too literal and playful. #99, thanks for trying to incorporating the wifi symbol, however, we really wish to see more effort on experimenting with typography rather than basic text with wifi symbol. #110, very nice concept, perhaps it is still in the stage of development...some pieces are too small which could cause printing issues...
  • Hello CH, I have made some new revisions as well as variations of design #54, please check out my designs and let me know what you think. Thank you. :)
  • Hi Marquee, Thank you for revisions. Frankly speaking, we feel that your new designs look completely different than the one we asked you to work on the dots with (#54) We appreciate the variations but we really wanted to see if it's possible to elaborate the "dot" in #54... And please try to avoid outline type... Look forward to seeing more revisions from you :) Thank you.
  • Hi anandmallik, Thank you for the revisions and explanation. It is interesting because we have never thought of using TM...thanks for showing the option but we would like to stick with TV as we want "TV" to stand out in the logo...It's the concept of our logo/product...also we feel that TM might be confused with "trademark" :(
  • Hi CH Catherine, Please take a look at my revisions and let me know if you like the idea of having a stylized TV-man character integrated in the design. Thanks and Best regards, Mark
  • Dear CH, Please find design #79, #80 and #81. The design is created keeping in mind the simplicity and mnemonic value. Big letters T,M can directly associated with company name TVMan. The box below that is kept as rectangle to indicate 'viewing device' and can be associated with the smartphone, tablet or any video device. Larger size of TM associated with the organization goal and its consumer reach. Logo #79 and #80 is created with two different colors and #81 in inverted color. The power of this logo is; it is create in such a way that it can be used on any background (i have used white #79, #80 and orange #81). Hope you like the design.. Waiting for your reply. Regards, Anand
  • hi anandmallik, Thank you for submitting your entry. We do like the fact that you tried to manipulate the "V" however, we don't think that "TV" and "man" tie together as of right now, they sort of look like they are from two different families...can you try to create unity between the two words? Thank you.
  • Hi BuaL, Please don't apologize, we still appreciate your effort in every piece of design :) #68 does look like a completely different approach, our team needs to discuss further before we give you any comment. Thanks again for the revision.
  • Hi Creativita, We came up with an idea for you to experiment: can you try to make a space between the vertical bar of the T and the horizontal bar of the T? The wave will then start over the vertical bar of the T. Also, can you add the antenna over the A and see how it turns out? Thank you!
  • Dear CH, Please find the design #69. I have designed V to indicate television and 'man' is designed to indicate seriousness with elegance. Waiting for your comments. Regards, Anand
  • Hi Contest Holder I'm sorry for my previous designs which have some similarity of combination of TV like other logos. and for #68 is a new look of my design. I've combined V with round rectangle below V that make it look like TV which has an antenna on top. Regards, Bual
  • Hi Biker, Thank you for submitting your entries. For #56, interesting combination of T and V. We wish to see more variations of this combination. Perhaps try a different font or play with the positive and negative space more...It would be nice to see some contrast :) Thank you for keep trying :)