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Project description

Two logos are required for this brief. The first will appear on the welcome page (see the first URL below) and the second will appear in the navigation bar (see the second URL). The logos should be related, should not contain any text and should bring to mind collaboration, learning and languages.

The welcome logo can be of any dimensions and must engaging and exciting. It is anticipated that this logo will appear in the center of the welcome page, like in Wikipedia.

The navigation bar logo should be less distracting. It should be 32-48px in height and can be any width up to 180px (square is okay too!). It's anticipated placement on the page is indicated by the yellow-outlined box at the left-hand end of the blue navigation bar at top. What I imagine here is something of the same style as the Twitter navigation bar logo. I would like a version of this second logo that is high enough resolution that it can also be used in print.

The website is up already:
Both logo elements should complement (or use) the existing color scheme visible on e.g. this page
where the navigation bar is also visible.

The expected target audience consists of motivated learners, interested in cultural exchange, with a reasonable level of education. They come from all over the world, and operate the site in different languages and perhaps different scripts.

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  • Dear CH, Thanks for the feedback. tried to incorporate the language part more, what do you think? Is it too childish, is your site targeted for everyone? I browsed it a bit and got the feeling it would attract children more, am I wrong?
  • @antoine: I think it is well-priced, given that the second logo is derivative of the first. Of course, you could choose to work on a different brief.
  • This looks pretty and I see worldwide exchange, but I can't see what it has to do with languages or learning.
  • Dear CH, Original idea also included country flags on the clouds / blue sky, but I dropped them for now since I don't know if your site will have more languages at some point. Let me know what you think of the design.
  • Dear CH, Yes, the idea of the torch is meant to light the globe by means of learning/education. Prometheus' Torch is always associated with the symbol for education as inspired by a Greek mythology of Promeheus who stole fire from Zeus and give it to mortals. Prometheus later became a figure of hope and inspiration for Greek revolutionaries. I am not so much a fan of Mythology, but its influence has bacome a common and acceptable idea all over the world. Here in my logo entry, the concept is very powerful to be asociated with language translation and learning. Crossing the barriers of language diversity, we need a light to guide us to communicate and understand each other.
  • Dear CH, I made a revision of entry #14, another form of learning material and the web color of pink and green found in entry #36 #37 . Hope that it will do something to your search.
  • Dear CH, this my entry with apple as "learning" symbol. What do you think? :) Thanks.
  • Dear CH, Tried something different. I can also make one without the faded images inside, if you like it better.
  • @josephope: I like to colours in (#27), but I am not sure what the torch is meant to communicate (illumination)?
  • Thank you for your feedback. Two my new versions without the circle with another style of the speech bubbles. As for the symbol of learning at #22 it is a scale showing the process of acquiring knowledge, and at the #21 it is the iconic image of books on the shelf. Hope you like it.
  • Sorry, I don't like it much, though I think I understand what you are trying to say (a game controller pad?). I'd like to see another entry from you, if you are not sick of me already, since I can see from your profile that you can do some nice stuff.
  • You other one looks better. We need to incorporate learning somehow.
  • This looks good, but I don't think the wreath communicates the right things. I think of the UN or Julius Caesar :) I'd like to see this with a different learning symbol and in colours from the website.
  • I'd like to see this in a colour from the website colour scheme (the pink or the green, I think), without the speech bubbles on the countries and with a different symbol of learning instead of the thing up top. I do like the idea of the globe inside a speech bubble.
  • Could you please do this again without the circle, without the colour gradients, with a different style on the speech bubbles (more free form, perhaps) and a different symbol of learning? I think the idea is good, but it still doesn't look great. I'm looking forward to seeing the result.
  • Hi guys, I feel that 'learning' isn't being well incorporated. I brainstormed a little on symbols of learning (these are just some ideas, feel free to use others, or mix them up): + a tree + a pile of books, or an open book + a jigsaw puzzle with letters from different scripts on the pieces (perhaps not yet complete) (this is very close to wikipedia) + an apple Keep the ideas coming!
  • Dear CH, #14 Gold medal for learning and speaking different language of the world. Hope it can relate to your needs.
  • Dear CH, Tried to incorporate community, Learning, Fun and Interaction on this design.
  • Thank you. Glad you liked my work. The new version, I emphasized the teaching focus. As for the colors in two versions, I used the existing colors of your site. I'll be glad to new advice.
  • To be clear: Please don't use the flags.