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Winning design #36 by seegor, Logo Design for Two Tribes Media Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by seegor

Project description

Design a log that communicates what we do to ourmarket.

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  • di1
    HI there, Really like your design - wondering if we could see it in more "earthy" tones - Thanks
    • Hi I am glad you like my design...I have submitted design in "earthy" tones #30 and some variation #29 and #31 also

  • Any suggestions or thoughts for design #7 are appreciated! I'm happy to make changes. Thanks, schwede9
    • di1

      HI there - thanks for your entry. You are the only designer to really nail the colours to date - we like the earthy tones. Our only comment would be that we are predominantly business to business marketers and so your design may not be quite "corporate" enough. Hope that helps! Cheers.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep the colors; do you like the logo or the font at all, or would you suggest I start over? Thanks, schwede9

  • di1
    Hi Designers, Thanks for your entries - please keep them coming in! Just a thought concerning colours - our preference was for earthy tones rather than greens and may want to keep that in mind. Thanks!
  • di1
    Hi there - thanks for your entry - we really like it! WE are a little worried about the O looking too much like a rifle sight (there are some local sensitivities to this. Is it possible to change the treatment so that it isn't so gun-like? Can we also see it with orange instead of green? Thanks again.
    • #42 #44 Revised designs. Thanks for appreciating my work... Jctoledo

  • di1
    Hi there - this is currently our favourite design and we love the way that the "two" can stand on it's own - giving us two different ways to use the logo - very clever. We would like to see the design in a couple of colour options - either grey/orange - or even some sort of gradiated "sunset" used in the grey block. We like Black/Grey with one feature colour - hope this makes sense! Thanks
    • Dear CH, thank you for feedback! Here is new submissions #36 #37 #38 with changes you requested, if you want anything else changed please let me know... Kind Regards

  • HI CH, i have updated my logo... please see #35. thanks!
  • di1
    Thanks for your entry - Love the colours - not sure if the "indian" tipi theme is appropriate for our Australian market though.
  • di1
    Hi there - thank you for your design. We like your design - but the spattered paint effect behind the text would make it difficult to create signage. Can we please see your design on a white background minus the speckling. - Thanks