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Winning design #27 by TONYROSHDY, Logo Design for TXT service needs logo Contest
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designed by TONYROSHDY

Project description

CanYouWorkThisShift.com is a new website that enables employers to send out SMS/TXT messages to their pool of casual workers. An employer will send a TXT when someone calls in sick or is unable to work a shift. The TXT that goes out to each casual worker asks them, "are you able to work this shift ? (+details). When someone sends a TXY reply with YES they get scheduled to work. We require a logo that includes "Can You Work This Shift ?". We have the domain name (surprisingly it was available!!! lol.) Yes, the name is big, long, wordy and scary for a designer, but it has been chosen because it easily describes the service. The service is basically a TXT/SMS service so have some fun with the logo, like a speech bubble, a quote box, a mobile/cell phone, etc... There's no need for an icon or picture as such but if you feel it would help then please feel free to include it. Just keep in mind there is already a lot of info to convey in the long list of words. We love typography so be original in your font selection. We are expecting a sans-serif look in modern 'web 2.0' colours, such as light blue, grey, etc. We will consider any colour palette just keep in mind we want the site to be clean, white, uncluttered. The logo will most likely be published on screen with a white background. Also feel free to try changing the font size of each word, making some bigger/heavier font and othe words smaller/lighter. Just an idea and may not necessarily be the winning design. Also, no need to reference the Australian angle; it will be a service offered world wide. Best of luck designers!

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  • entry #40 is a little different than #29. Thanks.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I thought I would play off of the idea of the employer with this logo. The colors are simple, bold, and easy to view on a white screen. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Copyright infringement http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-66692536/stock-photo-a-green-button-with-the-word-play-on-it.html
  • About #21 I accidentally uploaded the wrong version... please disregard it.
  • Hello Designers, is not necessary to include the Lingo Systems (company name). It will be marketed under the product name Can You Work This Shift?. Good luck to all.
  • hi sir this is a good idea... i know the colours are prominent ... but still itz a easy printable logo... what you think sir...?
  • About #104 Slight variation. Drop shadow can be added back if you would like. Thanks!
  • We do not allow gradient backgrounds in logo design entries. Please resubmit without the background.
  • entry removed per your request.
  • Dear CH, I hope this will help. I really appreciate any comments about this one. Thank you!
  • Dear CH, Do you want me to improve the #27? Thank you
  • Hey, I just submitted #87 #88 and #89. Looking forward for your feedback!
  • About #91 Here is the revision of #86. Let me know if this is what you had in mind. Thanks!
  • Hi .. I like the way the question mark is integrated into the speech bubble. Can I see a revision where it is more landscape (horizontal) than vertical ? Also, the wording is a little busy. Can we simplify by removing the dots (...) and the inner orange circles?
  • Hi .. I like the handset integrated to the speech bubble. Nice concept. Don't like the colours and also don't like the way the words are presented - too busy and jaggered. Would prefer colours like light blue and grey.
  • Hi, Can I please see a revision - take emphasis off 'work' and put emphasis on 'this shift'.
  • About #86 Here I have created a unique symbol by integrating a question mark and a speech bubble. Thanks!
  • a design which denotes defferent hightech colours...an hopefully the pattern you like
  • Design revision of entry #56 & #57
  • Sir, typographic, symbols and icon presented here to project your main point in my opinion. thanks