UK Projectors Ebay Webstore Logo Progrerssive Electronic Tech Theme was so great. Having dozens of designers compete for your satisfaction is not only beneficial to your business but a load of fun as well! My boss and I had a blast sitting down everyday and looking through the new designs that came through the previous night. We can't wait to launch our next project at!

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Winning design #100 by Axl, Logo Design for UK Projectors Ebay Webstore Logo Progrerssive Electronic Tech Theme Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Axl

Project description

We are looking for a nice logo that is progressive but not too busy. Color Schemes are not set in stone so feel free to play around with whatever you want. This is an e-commerce logo so we would love to see some neat ideas that you don't see everyday. We are also willing to sell product at cost to the winner (one time only) so if you need a projector or audio receiver or even some headphones we can hook you up =) We are really open as this is our 3rd e-commerce store, our others being in the US and AU. We really want to open this up to designers for ideas and themes for the store to get something fresh. Have fun and be creative! Thanks so much for your effort in advance!

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  • going in the right direction, we like the light triangle. maybe try to turn the P into more of a screen on the back or something
  • like it, try adding something, maybe some different font, colors.
  • liked the other one better
  • like it but a little too abstract, like to see some borders and different colors
  • like it but needs something more, try some revisions
  • Need it to be more linear or rectangular
  • Too Boring
  • I like where this is coming from with the AV Quality Markers but this looks a little off, keep trying
  • Try a different Color Scheme, this looks too much like MLB in the US
  • We like this best so far, try some variations
  • Dear CH, I have done the revision for #37 and it said I had an additional upload, Looks like now my additional upload has disappeared? So now i'm unable to upload the updated version.
  • We really really like this but we would rather stay clear of the blues as our other site is blue, we like the color of your other one but we also like the way the UK color stands out from the Projectors color in this one. want to try some more color schemes? #1 so far
  • We really like the symbol/lens in this one, but we like the layout of #36 and #35 more, can you try putting the graphic from this one in one of those, also some more work on the flags would be nice
  • These fonts still just look like word fonts to us, we like the style lets so some fancier font art
  • wasn't sure if you wanted the gradient effect on upper lettering?
  • Hi we like the effect on the screen, but prefer the solid font on the "projectors" part, can you add a line to seperate the graphic from the "UK Projectors" on the bottom
  • maybe try a different font on "projectors "
  • Looks pretty good, lets try slimming the height and elongating it horizontally, try something different with the flag
  • liked the old one better, try adding some lines to give it effect rather than changing the whole thing. #21 just a tweek
  • like the other better, could try the effect again but dimmer