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Winning design #54 by daniel258, Logo Design for Ultimate Edge Sports Medicine Contest
Gold Medal

designed by daniel258

Project description

Physical therapy, sport performance and injury prevention business. "Ultimate Edge" refers to the Ultimate edge I have with Christ over the business and a higher power at work and the Ultimate Edge the patients and clients will have from the service I provide them secondary to my skill and knowledge. Would like the logo to be professional and classy, but a little edgy. I don't really know how to incorporate the Christ centered aspect with the sports medicine aspect, but would love to if able. The one pic I have added is just one thing that I liked but I would love to see what your creative minds could come up with so it does not have to be the cliffhanger. 

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  • How do you like mine? It is #73
    • @lexnasser

    • @lexnasser it is not really what I'm looking for, but thank you

  • Dear contest holder, please let me know if you would like to see revisions in any certain way! Thank's

    Best Regards, #88
  • I really like this one! Would you be able to try a couple of different lettering styles. I like this one, but would like to see a few different options. Also wondered if you could play with the cross in the middle in the aspect of possibly raising the center crossbar just a little. I would just like to see what that would look like. Lastly, if you could do it in the all silver, in the green and silver, and possibly in a slate blue, green and silver. This is the front runner for me right now. Thank you so much for submitting it! #53
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  • About #17, @senadneslan_juventus I really like your submission, but wondered if you could make the cross a little more narrow. Thank you for including an athletic figure as well, but would prefer he not be hanging off the cross. I don't know if it is possible to see do something with a cross at the top of a cliff and the athlete hanging off the edge somehow within the circle. This is my favorite so far. 
  • About #25, @Kimbbeck Thank you for your feedback. I will try another proposal as you asked asap... 
  • About #17, @senadneslan_juventus
  • Please tell me what you think about this design.

    Thanks. #23
    • @filipedeandrade1 thank you for submitting but not really what I was looking for.

  • I hope I am on right path. Your feedback will be very helpfull...thank you. #25
    • @NewDesigns Thank you so much for your submission! I appreciate you listening to what I was looking for. I love the "t" standing out like a cross. I like the man ha gimg of the edge, but would like a different lettering that bwould be stronger and possibly a stronger representation of an athlete as the man on the edge asif he is doing a pull up or something different altogether as the athlete side.

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  • HAI , I hope you can receive my design , thanks . #2
  • HAI , I hope you can receive my design , thanks . #1