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Winning design #289 by Avijit, Logo Design for Ultimate Seller Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Avijit

Project description

This logo is for a networking and educational business; I'm introducing people to each other and it just happens to be for real estate.  I connect sellers with each other and introduce them to buyers.  Sellers are provided with the utmost information on how to sell their property and negotiate the best price and terms.  The main color is Navy Blue, with Red highlights.  Feel free to take liberties with various highlights but keep the main color as Navy Blue.a

I want people to feel successful when they look at the logo.

Please refer to the styles that I have included in this brief.

Style elements to try to include: sunburst, a person celebrating (because the property is sold!)

Idea suggestions: A sold sign, keys being handed over

I like rounded, modern fonts.  Please do NOT use Times New Roman, Georgia or anything in italics or cursive.

Clean.  Simple.

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  • Can you change the style of the person celebrating?
  • check my design and I will await you feedback, please do not hesitate to request any changes. #370
  • XJ2
    like this you mean?
  • Can you use the style of the house in #296 with this image? I like the shorter house and chimney. #330
  • Thank you for your entry, can you move the roof a little bit more forward on the house? #312
  • About #359, @avo Thank you for your entry, can you add a person celebrating?
  • About #356, @Avijit
    Please check out my another entry. This time i create better than before. And all of elements in the logo gets accurate color. I think this logo is the best one all of my entries. Thank you.
  • Sorry wrong post!! Do not know how to withdraw. #339
  • combination communication and Health #339
  • Hello client, my logo integrates the elements that identify the real estate segment, as the key that refers purchase the property and the house, both integrated to form a key.


    Salvatori. #319
  • Hello client, the logo has modern features, rounded as reference in the briefing, conveys the concept of acquiring a property, movement, encompass a number of options for the customer.


    Salvatori. #318
  • Hello client, my logo incorporates the symbols of a house with the symbol of GPS, location, transmitting the customer that the company is able to find the perfect property to him.


    Salvatori. #317
  • About #287, @halimpu_art
    This is my design # 287, form letter US (Ultimate Seller) is on the road. Hope you like. Please give me advice. Thank You
  • VERSION1 #286
  • Version 1 #285
  • combination celebration with a house under sun #280
  • I use Trajan Pro as a font for Ultimate Seller, and I adding sun on the roof of a home. thank's for your attention sir.

    Best regards from Severus #279
  • Excuse me sir, I've erase the sun symbol. thank's for your information.

    best regards from Severus #275
  • Honestly, I just can get into the 'U' and the 'S' being smooshed together. The blue part looks like a reversed 'P' to me. Can you try a different style for the emblem? #232
    • About #232, @Liz - Ultimate Seller
      Ok. I will try another.

  • Thank you for your entry. Can add the image of a little house, or a roof in the center? So we can see that it is for real estate. #267