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Winning design #45 by PavkeNS, Logo Design for Umster, web-site Contest
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designed by PavkeNS

Project description

A logo needed for a web-site called “Umster”. The idea of the web-site is that people can earn money using their mind: developing interesting new ideas or consulting other people in some area they know well. Some requests to a logo design: - It should represent the idea of a web-site - It should be catchy, memorable - It should preserve sense in its black and white realization - It should be uncomplicated and simple-shaped Some ideas designers can use: - Lightning bulb as “idea” - Brains as “thinking visualization” Designers are not limited to these ideas, it’s just examples. Note: part “Um” from the web-site’s name “Umster” is translated from Russian into English as “Mind” or “Wit”. Designers can use this in their designs.

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  • I submitted #35 #36 #37 #38 #39 any thoughts or feedback as to the concept? Thank you!
  • #32 Concept of an idea and magnet on the "U". Hope it serves as an alternative to the light bulb. Feel free to comment, modifications are welcome... Jctoledo
  • Уважаемый umster, Here are my design concepts for you – #20, #21, #22, #23 and #29. I provided you with both versions of the name (in Russian & English) as a modern and very clean typeface along with a non-standard "idea bulb" brand-image. Some of them include tag lines. Hope you like it! Thank you.
  • Hi, I submitted designs #24 #25 .. hope you like it Thanks You!
  • You have an interesting idea. Could you please make “brain convolutions” (curves) more abstract?
  • You can draw a labyrinth on a glass outline of a lightning bulb. I think, then labyrinth will appear as a brain convolutions
  • del.
  • Hi, Thanks for the rating. I have submitted my updated design(Draft no: #57).
  • A thought of something more smimple. Something like this (don't look on the quality of picture, please. Just get the idea).
    • hello didn't throw one more idea. there was no place. you have Skype?

  • It's a very good idea, but it's a lot of "technology" in this logo. The web-site to be aimed to sell different ideas. Please, try to make it more simple and less technological, closer to a liberal arts
  • I meant something like this (don't look at the quality of the drawing, just get the idea). The idea is to set the labyrinth onto glass of lightning bulb itself.