Un nuovo battito per Corio

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Winning design #10 by lizzy2014, Logo Design for Un nuovo battito per Corio Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizzy2014

Project description

We need an election logo for a small local party named "Un nuovo battito per Corio", where "Corio" is the name of the town and, for your reference, the translation of the party's name in English is "A new heartbeat for Corio". The logo should be circular and contain the name of the party, which should be readable when printed at 3 cm diameter. The main idea we currently have, for the logo, is a central heart with children or adults around the heart (stylized images). We are open to other designs, but the stylized heart MUST be present in every design. Just as an example of an election logo with a heart inside, please see the attached logo, belonging to a different party and not in our town.

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  • Salve, #6 è la mia prima proposta; la grafica è inscritta in un profilo elegante ed immediato, e rappresenta un gruppo di persone (cittadini) che fan circolo intorno al cuore (della città). Sia la forma del cuore che i colori sono ispirati allo stemma del comune di Corio. La versione #7 è una variazione cromatica semplificata. Sono pronto per i vostri commenti e richieste.
    • Buonasera Fabio. La #6 al momento ci piace quanto la #5 per cui l'abbiamo valutata allo stesso modo. Bella la scelta di ispirarsi comunque per il cuore e i colori allo stemma di Corio, nonostante la stilizzazione del simbolo elettorale rispetto al più complesso stemma. Domani sera abbiamo una riunione allargata ad altri membri della lista civica, per cui probabilmente avremo ulteriori feedback, per ora intanto grazie della proposta.

    • Bene, intanto preparo un'altra versione per aggiungere alla gamma di scelta.

    • #12 è una versione alternativa con un concetto piú complesso ma altrettanto immediato, in cui il cuore della città è protetto e portato a nuova vita. Il corollario a corona richiama quella dello stemma del comune e rappresenta parte del circolo dei cittadini.

  • Thank you for submitting a new entry. This is definitely an improvement over the original design but we find ourselves currently preferring design #5 because of the stronger stylization, which gives even more emphasis to the heart and the name, which are the most important elements in our view.
  • So far this is our favourite choice, because it is not "too full", the design is well stylized and not too distracting, giving thus emphasisis to the name.
  • Thank you for your entry. We have a few comments. First of all we would like to remove the two small hearts at the sides. Then, we like the name around the circle, just "UN NUOVO BATTITO" could be in the upper part of the circle and "PER CORIO" in the lower part, to avoid having text in the upper half only. And finally, this is a bit more difficult to explain, but it seems to us a bit too "full" (the main reason we would like to remove the two small hearts): maybe a smaller number of people around the heart could help to avoid the initial "too full" impression.
    • Hi CH, Thank you for the feedback, I've submitted the new one based on your previous comments. -best regard-

  • We like this one too, it will be a difficult choice :) We will discuss it with the other favourite logos in a meeting this evening.
    • |--|

      enricod75 {*wrote*}:
      We like this one too, it will be a difficult choice :) We will discuss it with the other favourite logos in a meeting this evening.
      |--| Thank you. If you need any change as color or any other detail please let me know, I'll gladly do it. Best Regards.

    • Any change you need please let me know, I´ll gladly do it. Regards.

  • Hello, just a quick feedback: it is a bit too dark for an election logo. Would it be possible to have the external ring in a lighter colour? Maybe in a green tone. Thank you
    • Thank you, i will work on new colors option and post it soon is possible.

  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my entry #14 and let me know what you think. Best regards
  • Hello CH.. please check my entry #11.. any feedback are appreciate.. thx and regards..
  • Thank you for this new entry. With respect to #5 we find this one quite dark, which might not be suitable for an election logo. But we will evaluate it better together with the other proposals in a meeting with more team members tomorrow.
  • We like the idea behind your design, so we add this to our list of favourites. Thank you
    • thank you. If you want to see versions of this with other color, font or layout just let me know. I will try to think about another one ... Regards Andrei

  • Unfortunately, we think this design is not suitable for an election logo.
  • Sorry, but sun ray concept element is another designer's original idea: http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/un-nuovo-battito-per-corio/entry/16/; http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/un-nuovo-battito-per-corio/entry/26/
  • You can not use other designer concept (sunrays are not requested in brief): http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/un-nuovo-battito-per-corio/designer/operhal/;http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/un-nuovo-battito-per-corio/entry/25/
  • Hi #32/ #33 is my approach, more towards the simple / plain side of things (usually party / organisation logos involved in election are like this). It is a heart made out of the heart and a tick/check mark, which is green to suggest the "OK", "pass", "elected". Red and green as in italian flag, black for the text... Regards Andrei
  • The idea of the heart/sun was appreciated. Only, would it be possible to make the heart appear more evidently than the sun? Maybe using a weaker tone for the parts of the sun which are outside the heart? Thank you.
    • Thank you for your feedback! I will work on new option soon as possible. My best

    • Hi again, please check #30 and let me know what you think. I made sun rays less dominant. best regards

  • Our favourite designs are now #16, #10 and #5 with a slight preference for #16
    • Thank you for your feedback to # 10. If you want some change please let me know. Regards.

  • Sorry, we have to eliminate your design because the heart should appear by itself and not using the hands.
  • Questo design sembra avere connotazione religiosa, per cui purtroppo lo eliminiamo perché non adeguato per un'elezione comunale.
  • About #15, #20, #21, #22, #24 we eliminated all designs where the heart appears to have "horns" or "eyes". The heart is a central element and needs to avoid "distortions"
  • Dear CH, This is my first submit entries #19 , please ceck my design and concept. Thanks you