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Winning design #107 by vlada, Logo Design for United Ways Technology Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vlada

Project description

The core of our business is to unite: - people - businesses - and Environment to achieve results as agreed. As an ICT Company we deliver Technology, Consultancy and Management. We are an Expert in OpenSource tooling and have a variety of customers where we bridge the gap between business and technology. These core values should be reflected in out logo. Please visit our site for our current logo.

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  • Hi SixEleven, Could you please make the logo higher. Make it like a tulip? We're Dutch you know ;-) Thank in advance!
    • Hi erwin1, thanks for feedback. Is #7 higher enough?

    • Yes, kind of looks like a bell bottomed lady now..

  • Hi whelrhoe, Could you take out the gray background and make the squeres kubical? Thanks in advance
  • Hi Dansheva, Could you make the U in one colour and the leaves green? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Erwin
    • |--|

      erwin1 {*wrote*}:
      Hi Dansheva, Could you make the U in one colour and the leaves green? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Erwin
      |--| hi erwin1 thanks for your feedback, i will try as your request cheers,dansheva

  • Hi Junseiyu, Thanks for your design! I like the idea, can yo make it a little more bold/technical? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Erwin
  • Thank you for the effort you did for the logo. We are looking for a less complex design. Thank you.
  • Hi Dansheva, First off all thank you for your efforts! Could please change the colors to green and blue (grass and sky) for #11 and #19
  • Hi Sixeleven, Can you please change the font to something more like #35 and lower the middle bar? What would the lower part including the leave look like in green and the top in darkblue..
  • Hi Pomeepk, Thank you for your design. This is not what i had in mind. Cheers, Erwin
  • Hello CH.. please check out my entry #49 any feedback are appreciate.thank's and regards..
    • Hi July, Thanks for your design. I'm looking for a technical and plain design. Your design is to playfull for me. Cheers, Erwin

  • Can you make the sides a little thicker and make a W of the grey part?
  • Hi vlada, if yo look @ #126. Can you give it a go t make it 3D like?
  • hi erwin. i've submitted #128, #130, #132, #133, #134, #135 and #136 for logo of your company. hope u'll like any of these various concepts. pls provide comments if they have potentials to be your logo, i'll improve better. thanks.
    • Hi iRishi, I like the #135 concept and color the others are not what we are looking for. Cheers, Erwin

  • Hi, Can you make a combination with grey and the U only without nited ways behnid it? Thanks!
  • My first design was rated a 42/100 and my second wasn't going the right direction. So, I decided to come up with a fresh new idea. It's #108. Thank You,
    • Sorry for my elimination but it was not wat i'm looking for.

  • Good Afternoon erwin1, I just uploaded #96 for "United Ways Technology". Thank You
  • Hi Dreamerme, Your design is one of my favorites but it still seems to lack something, somehow. Cant put my finger on it. Could you give it another shot? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Erwin
  • Sir I have submitted entry #93. Please Rate it and tell me anything you want to change... Thanks, Akash Stephen
  • A little bit like #57?
  • Hi Dansheva, Somehow these colours don't work for us.. Any other suggestions? Cheers, Erwin
  • Hi erwin1, Could you give some direction for entry #75, in order to improve it ? Thank you!
    • Hi Bogdanpopam, The font type could be more technical and I'm interested in de meaning of the logo parts. Maybe create a combination example with one or two colours. Thanks again! Erwin

    • Ok, will submit with different font types. With the logo parts, i tried to create some technical yet friendly, round interconnected shapes, in different colors, in order to emphasize the diversity of your activity and the diversity of clients that your business can help. I tried to create a pattern, a whole symbolizing the unity and the gap covered by your business (as mentioned in the brief). Thanks for the feedback.