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Winning design #251 by rizzqi, Logo Design for Unity Lager Contest
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designed by rizzqi

Project description

The Vision.


Coalition Brewing is a group of Londoners who have created an elite Lager. 


It's called  - Unity Lager.


It's a beer that is made right, it's clean, crisp, full flavoured and above all it is quite magnificently drinkable. 



The Design Task -


A single logo with the word 'Unity' but ideally it can be separated -  the U seen in isolation - as a brand, as an icon, as a statement. In a couple of years we'd love people to be able to see the graphic 'U' and immediately know who it belongs to. 


Target market - predominantly males - 25 to 45. They are white collar, media savvy and professional. They've been bombarded with marketing messages since they could first read. We need a solid, strong, passionate and honest logo, full of attitude and heart. Ideally there will be a degree of classic refinement to the Logo that will dissuade the binge drinking 'laddish' culture.


It is likely that we will choose a 'chalice' glass over a heavy handle or normal pint glass. We want the logo to stand proud on glasses and bottles - with a logo positioning on the bottle that will make it stand out from all others. We love the idea of enameling the logo onto the bottle instead of a printed label.


Unity - core values


There is strength in Unity.


Unity is - companionship, togetherness, trust, truth. The core things that make life worth living.


Unity is a celebration of people together. Great times, great people, great beer.  


Londoners today understand all of this to the core of their collective being(s). We feel there is a timeless quality to the brand that needs to be reflected in any design.


Unity also has a caring component. Londoners together, supporting each other - and new arrivals into the fold. You're surviving London. You can do the queues, the shit weather, the chaos. You're thriving. You love the energy, the depth, the culture. You are a Londoner. You deserve Unity. 



What does the product do for me? It's refreshing, satisfying, alcoholic, moreish.


How does the brand makes me look? In the know, genuine, easy going, sociable, fun-loving, strong.


How does the brand makes me feel? Contented, connected, generous, in touch with all kinds (male/female etc), well. I'm now part of the ‘Beerocracy!!'


How I would describe the product? Clean, zingy, rich in colour, full flavoured, natural, balanced, straightforward. Unity is a handcrafted London Lager, made with passion and a dash of international flavour.  - the perfect lager to drink, well any damn time you please.


Unity bridges the gap between the Global Brand Lagers and local craft beers. A lager that is locally made but has all the hallmarks of a world class beer.


We are Unity London


·People, places, beer -  all that's needed is U


·Friends, sport, fun - -  all that's needed is U


·         This is Unity


·         We are Unity London


·         All that's needed is U


·         Welcome to U


·         We put the U into...




Unity is tactile - if it was metal, it would be steel - with patina. If it was wood it would be heart oak. At some stage we will see the logo etched in steel, and branded into wood.


In time we want someone to walk into a bar - signal a 'U' with his hands, and his mates will know exactly what he wants to drink.

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