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Winning design #155 by thijsma, Logo Design for University of California Contest
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designed by thijsma

Project description

We have an exciting opportunity! Can you design a better logo for the University of California? Check out the buzz and here The University of California decided to change the long standing seal/logo . We think, no we KNOW our designers can create a much better version of this new logo/seal! What do you think? "UC officials were caught on the defensive. They emphasize that the traditional seal, with its "Let There Be Light" motto, a drawing of an open book and the 1868 date of UC's founding, is not being abandoned and still will be used on such things as diplomas and official letterhead. But they say that the 1910 seal is so ornate that it does not reproduce well for many Internet uses and that it is often confused with variations created by the 10 individual UC campuses. UC websites are now adorned with the new logo." full story can be found here,0,7650237.story You can find some history about the University of California here This is a community contest, and not associated with the University of California in any way. This is a for fun community contest. We will have 3 paid winners in this contest. Gold $144.00 (number of yrs UC has had the same look) Silver $ 60.00 Bronze $ 45.00 Have fun and lets show the world what designers at can create

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  • dear CH, Please have a look at my design entry #2 and let me know what you think. suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Gautam
  • Just submitted my first logo for this. The design is based on their main UCLA (Royce Hall) building. Let me know what you all think. #36 Happy Holidays!
  • Please see #31 , #32 , #33 . I hope you will like them.
  • Please see #53 . It's very simple but very easy to remember. I also suggested a nickname or abbreviation for easy use.
  • I have visited your website. But is it possible that you already have a new logo?
  • Hi CH I have submitted a design #108. Please check the design and give feedback. Thanks
  • please do not use a mock up in logo contest, unless it is required by the client.
  • Please check my entry #125 and let me know, Have a nice day! trebz
  • I think that the NEW LOGO of UC is brillant! Very simple, professional - like logo should be! There is no need to change semething that is nearly perfect as a logotype. THE NEW LOGO IS PERFECT !
  • I think this would be a solid solution #156. What do you think?
  • About #54, #55, #176, #177, #178, #179, #180 I have made ​​several items appealing to some symbols to California and university research: the sun, the light of learning, the cup of knowledge, information = currency of modern times. I used several backgrounds. It can be used for example on badge of gold or embossed leather folders. Or #181 , #197 represented as a book whose pages are distinguished letter C and bookmark with 1868. Thank you!
  • Isn´t this a Community Contest? why the extension? Just curious :)
  • I just notice the prize 249 for a University logo is too low...:)
  • They are only having this contest to generate new ideas. I find there's no point submitting to this contest as the CH can't be bothered giving feedback and every single entry is 30 points. You can spend your time better with other contests.
  • i think the price is low because they know that they will extend the contest. extending contest is another payment.
  • You entry is an exact copy of entry 106 in this contest for