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Winning design #29 by denmazarya, Logo Design for Unleash gym wear Contest
Gold Medal

designed by denmazarya

Project description

I own a gym clothing line, very much focused on the quality of the logo as in the word itself , the font and a play on the design of the lettering. It's unisex in the sense we sell both male and female apparel. Vests, t shirts, leggings etc. all about quality not quantity. I like the colour green. Brighter than a darker green. Iv tried load Thai image but constant faults but I like the attention to detail on the logo in the attached link. http://designstacks.net/mac-os-x

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  • About #29, @denmazarya perfect thankyou. So now how do I announce you?
    • @alanglassfield you're welcome ....

    • @denmazarya you can announce me..thanks alot.....

  • Basically just want to make sure that when I make u the winner that when I get sent the logos the printers can take the lettering off the black or white background. I used to use Adobe and started all jobs on a blank layer so just making sure the unleash gym wear words can be printed rather than printed along with a black or white background
    • @alanglassfield oke..i will send it as soon as possible ...thanks for your suggestion.

  • Yeah that's the one! Brilliant your an absolute star. I know your Gina have to do every colour again but once you have then that's it
  • Do you use Adobe Photoshop CS?
    • @alanglassfield yes i do...

    • @alanglassfield yes i do...

    • @alanglassfield maybe i can try to the photoshop with transparant background.....

  • I just want to make sure the coloured letters can be printed rather than a black box with letters within it? So if u did a new layer on photoshop it would have no coloured background it would show no colour just the letters. Does that make sense? All these will be printed and out onto clothes. But obviously I'll just want to print the letters not a black or white box with the letters within it?!
  • do you mean like this??...just the letter without background..?? ...and how about this yellow and orange??..thank youuu.. #28
  • Lovely thankyou. So wil the image also come with a blank background? As in not white nor black? So I can put into print without the background being printed too? As I'll only want to print just the lettering! And did you manage to draft a nor vibrant Orange and more yellow, yellow? Thanks
  • About #27, @denmazarya when the design colour as in the Orange and yellow example is finished and confirmed back ground of images can be taken out so it just shows the lettering. Could u let me know the font as my garments will have website, a number 7 etc. so pleased! Thankyou for all your effort. I look forward to hearing back from you thanks
    • @alanglassfield i will send the desaign with new orange and yellow...you mean font that i used??

    • @alanglassfield i used impact for main letter except an "s" and haettenschweiler.. thanks for like my design....

  • Lovely thankyou and yes the font name. As I'll be putting my website on my clothing and want the same style of font for it. And will the text be useable without a white or black background as in a blank canvas so when the logo is printed onto an item of clothing it won't have a black or white background? Just feature the lettering
  • About #27, @denmazarya also do you have the Orange in a deeper more vibrant orange and the yellow in a brighter yellow? To be honest your the winner! Just want to to confirm the lettering will able to be available to print on clothes minus the coloured backgrounds as in black or white and see the Orange in a more vibrant powerful shade and yellow brighter as yellow almost looks lime in colour. Thanks. Very excited to see them then announce you as the winner!
  • About #27, @denmazarya when I say your the winner do the images come editable in the sense that just the lettering will be available rather than the black or white background as the lettering will be going on clothes and Internet.
  • About #27, @denmazarya wow I'm well impressed!
  • About #21, @denmazarya if you can give that same powerful affect in the different colours then to be honest I think I'll be going with your design. The colours you sent over the pink needed to be more fuscia pink and the purple deeper and have the same affect as in the shiery fade out at the top of the lettering. But to be honest once Iv seen them in the same powerful shimmery affect where it fades into the black back into the green again but in the different colours them I think we're onto a winner.
    • @alanglassfield ok...thank you....i'll fix it soon....

  • About #21, @denmazarya love it!
  • this is it... i'll try without white outline... and maybe i also give it in the 8 different color including original color (green).. #20
  • About #12, @denmazarya interested to see it without the White round the edges on the black background. Also I'm introducing a range where I need the logo in 7 different colours, is that possible? So far your number one in my choice as love the design! Basically the colours of the 7 deadly sins. Green, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, yellow. And white. This logo will be used on garments, banners, website and business cards. A link to the shades of colours. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/458663543275457600/
  • About #13, @denmazarya I like the black one with black line minus the shapes
  • About #12, @denmazarya love it minus the White outline, what if u used a black line instead to make it appear thinner? But lying it!
    • @alanglassfield yes i think so....hahaha...by the way i still find to make the font more tiny without layout outline...Thanks for the suggestions..

  • About #11, @denmazarya looks awesome! Could you try one example using the same font but a tiny bit thinner? Is that possible? But definitely got my attention.
    • @alanglassfield Thanks... i'll try that..