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Project description

We are a clothing company specialized in streetwear. The apparel will be a hybrid of hipster, contemporary, and skate wear. We are looking to marry Western and Japanese styles. Our clothing will be comfortable yet, fashion forward and trend setting. We want to promote exclusivity in our brand and have a luxurious feel to it. Our company strives to promote confidence when people are wearing our clothing. We are looking to create a lifestyle around our brand. 

The history behind this brand and name is inspired by a special family member who lives life unapologetically. We believe how people dress is a reflection of their personality - it may change from day to day, the mood they are in, etc. We created this brand because we were frustrated with the limited street wear selection out there and decided to create clothing which is minimal and comfortable, yet look effortlessly cool with a lot of attitude.

We are looking for a logo AND a word mark of "unphiltered" in street art inspired font. The logo and name designs will appear on apparel such as t-shirts, tanks, toques, hats, crew neck sweatshirts, etc. As for colours, no more than 2 colours. We strongly believe less is more. For logos, try designs of old school robots/robot head, abstract anatomical heart, glasses. Please see photos for the style we are looking for for inspiration when designing the logo.

Some of our favourite brands are Stussy, Crooks and castle, Subscrew, and Undftd. Please see the photos attached for inspiration. The photos are not for the logos and designs, but added to express the type of style we are going for.

Thanks so much for taking the time to consider our contest! We are looking forward to seeing the different ideas you come up with.

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  • Hi Jess, please check this option and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #296
  • thicker arteries on the top, hope you will like it.. #294
  • Hi jess, I am really happy that you like my logo. :) I have prepared correction for you to see so please check and let me know what you think.
    My best,
    operhal #292
  • an idea #260
  • Thank you! I don't know if I got the PH, th correct. If you could upload a rough render, that would be great! Here is the new abstract heart, and the two different font setups. #257 #258
  • I love where you're going with the heart. Would you be able to tweak the heart logo a bit so it isn't so cartoon-like? No mouth on the heart and more abstract? As for colour of the heart can we try black and white?

    Also for the font, would you be able to use HL Thuphap. 2 versions: one is all lowercase, the other is all lowercase except for the P which would be uppercase? Thank you! #165
  • Would you also be able to use HL Thuphap for the name? 2 versions: one is all lowercase, and the other is all lowercase except for the P which would be uppercase. Thank you! #225
  • Thanks for the revision! I really like where you are going with the geometric feel of the heart. Can you please remove the dots around the heart, fill in the heart black and have the geometric lines white? Also, for the arteries at the top, would you be able to revise that so it is anatomically correct? Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the revision! #225
  • Hope you like this. #245
  • Hope you like it :) #243
  • Please feel free to check out this delivery, Thank you. #231
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #225
  • #Unphiltered Streetwear IV #223
  • #Unphiltered Streetwear III #221
  • #Unphiltered Streetwear II #220
  • #Unphiltered Streetwear #219
  • @jess.cheng88 #214
  • This is just an examplo of branding :) #210
  • Hi again this is a new version with the hart you asked for. Hope you like it. #209
  • hhhhdhhtyy #197