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A great experience working with the designer LightED, who was very responsive to even the smallest of my changes, and submitted multiple design variations very quickly. Easy and enjoyable.

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Winning design #157 by LightED, Logo Design for unwrapp KL Contest
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designed by LightED

Project description

unwrappKL is a phone app that aims to bring you the best things to see and do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The main platform is the phone app, but will have a large presence on social media.

The name unwrapp is a play on words, as we aim to unwrap the 'mess' and find the 'sweetest' things to do in KL, much like unwrapping a piece of candy. The name is spelt 'unwrapp' because it is also an 'app'. The lettering is non-capitalised, as we feel it represents the younger, informal vibe of information we provide. 

We aim to tell people what to do, in a banterous, witty style of writing, and are aiming at an audience aged 18-35/40 years old. 

We want a design that is simple, preferably the name "unwrapp KL" written in lettering, with a symbol next to it (like a piece of candy, or sweet) that will also become synonymous with the brand.

The piece of candy will be the most important part of the logo, as it has to be able to be used in some situations without the lettering of 'unwrapp kl' below it. Therefore it has to be unique and stand out. The main thing is that it looks nice and is easily distinguishable - whether or not you decide to have a play on words in the design (like incorporating a skyline into the candy, or have it look like it's being unwrapped etc.) is up to you.

Because we want it to be simple, the colours we are interested in range from black, white, silver and gold, hot pink and electric blue but we are open to small variations if it matches.

Logo designs will preferably be on a black background, but we want to obviously have variations of the final design that work on both black and white backgrounds. 

I have attached files to this contest to show you some designs we like. 

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