Up-scale, progressive Urgent Care Medical Clinics need High Visibility, Inviting logo for Signage, Web, & Marketing Material

Did not get the quality of designs expected - we browsed other contests and saw some higher quality work. This may have been a function of our requirements, so not complaining about the artists but possibly the process in order to steer/guide the design process more efficiently. I do feel however that we got our money's worth for the incredible amount of hours all of the artists put into this, submitting continued revisions w/o compensation - very grateful for their effort (possibly feel a little guilty). All in all, a good service but it has it's drawbacks. Thank you.

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Winning design #206 by SCH, Logo Design for Up-scale, progressive Urgent Care Medical Clinics need High Visibility, Inviting logo for Signage, Web, & Marketing Material Contest
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designed by SCH

Project description

Our Ideas and Additional Information: We are appealing to the crowd via this contest on what they would design, reflecting values they would want, in a walk-in clinic to address colds, flu, minor injuries from school, sport or work, designed for the convenience and concierge service of the patient-as-customer – appointments, payments, pre-registration etc. available by internet/mobile apps; less than 15 min. wait to see a doctor; less than 1 hr. in and out the door; friendly receptionist, paraprofessionals and doctors; follow up calls or texts; fair, transparent pricing; common on-site prescriptions and diagnostics for patients. The "BEYOND" in "Beyond Urgent Care" can be understood as a proper noun or as a preposition, and we want to capture both senses. As a proper noun, "Beyond" is a substitute for "Newton" in "Newton Urgent Care". As a preposition, we want "Beyond Urgent Care" to be a slogan as well as the name, conveying the sense that out centers are beyond conventional Urgent Care centers - in other words, "Urgent Care Ver. 2.0" that is carefully and smartly designed to deliver quality care, total convenience and superior service, through mobile applications, tele-medicine, business model innovation, etc. The "Beyond" has a 'swooshy' feel, evoking motion toward the future and a new and better version of what we know today. The "Urgent Care" in the name should be less dominant and conservative. The logo as a whole should, although modern and progressive, have a professional up-scale (medical) feel. We are open to all color schemes but interested in what a sky-blue or "IBM" blue for the Beyond and possibly a ruby, darker red would look like for the "Urgent Care" - we will provide color feedback and adjust as the contest progresses. The other major component is that this design is primarily for signage and needs to be bold enough to attract driver's attention - imagine competing visually with other retail signage such as BestBuy, Target, etc... The only other design element that could be included would be a medical cross (not necessary though) - other "medical" ideas welcomed but we really hope the word "Beyond" is the key to the design and act as our "Wordmark". Thank You and Good Luck!

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  • Thank you though!
  • OK, different - I'd like to see no red in the crosses, no color-fades anyhere. Less "swooshy" on the Beyond - but would like to see a much more simplified version of this. Please imagine large chain signage...Thanks for the fast changes Jey!
  • FYI - the cross can't legally be the color red as that has been copyrighted. Thx
  • Thanks for the quick revision - I like your #2 better than this one. The cross legally cannot be red by the way. Also do not like a color-fade for the fonts. Flat is better for signage - thx.
  • Jey, thanks for the quick revision - this is going the wrong way thought. Too colorful - would like the more is less way of design. If you could simplify, no color-fade on the text etc. Thx.
  • Simple and clear - I like the direction as Beyond here could act as a recognizable wordmark/brand. The Urgent Care could be slightly more visible - possibly integrate a cross in some unique way? Would like to see more ideas from you...thanks!
  • In addition to the other feedback I gave you on this one, the Urgent Care needs to be more prominent for viewers looking at a sign. Thank you again.
  • I kept your other design to work from - thx.
  • Hi Jey, the font is the most interesting so far but still may miss the mark. I like that it's modern but needs to be more bold (and maybe a more 'up-scale' feel) as this will be signage for the front of the clinic and needs to attract foot and road traffic. As for the medical crosses from your #22, it's interesting as it at least represents motion - I'd like to see some other ideas with the multiple crosses indicating movement towards the future of healthcare. But it can't detract from the word Beyond - would need to be integrated or more subdued...too complicated?
  • Thank you though.
  • Thank you though - too much of a religious feel in some way.
  • Thank you though!
  • Kept your other submission - thank you.
  • Thank you though!
  • Thank you though!
  • Thank you though!
  • Thank you though!
  • Thank you though!
  • Thank you though!
  • Thank you though!