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Winning design #123 by nrj, Logo Design for Updated Logo Design for New York Law Firm Contest
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designed by nrj

Project description

Ferro, Kuba, Mangano, Sklyar, P.C. is looking to update it's current logo with a clean, sleek, modern design that incorporates the firm name with the "FKMS" monogram. Current logo is attached.

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  • Ignore this logo... I didn't mean for the copy to the left to be included in this entry, I will resubmit.
  • it's not allowed to submit more than one design per entry
  • I looked to convey the ideas of being customer oriented and welcoming in a warm light red hue. The second important idea was creating a coherent interesting shape of the letters. The type of font chosen represents steadiness and reliability. I also wanted to kind of find a different look from the usual law firm look (black, grey, blue or dark green), without losing the feel of credibility.
  • Hello! I just submitted designs #42 and #43. I used a "metal" effect on the firm's initials, because it sounds like you have a sterling reputation with your clients, and you've set a shining example for other firms to follow - no matter how large the firm is. I look forward to any feedback you'd like to offer, and thanks for the opportunity to participate.
  • Hi CH, Attached is my design. I went through your website which is nicely laid out by the way. I adapted the colours on the website to the current logo as to not create an unnecessary colour into your current corporate colors. I designed the logo to be modern and dynamic. The FKMS unit is consolidated into the oval shape as to represent a combined effort/vision. A simple shape is decided to be the main unit as to make it applicable to various mediums for future use. The supporting unit is divided spaciously as to allow the eyes to rest on the main unit longer for an added concentration of the new emblem. I hope you will like it. Thanks.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • thanks Sharie.... ...........................................................(:
  • one design/one version only unless requested by the contestholder
  • ALL logos are required to be created as vector files...this is not a vector file and also clipart http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/updated-logo-design-for-new-york-law-firm/entry/74/report
  • no backgrounds unless the ch has requested
  • one design/one version only unless the contestholder has requested
  • Hi! CH Here´s mine #179 A nice, clean and strong typo structure.
  • Hi CH I have submitted a revised design of my previous design #58 The new design is #168 .As per your suggestion i have changed the color of boxes. Thank You
  • Here's another idea #167, a retro but still functional style. Thanks!
  • The diamond shape is interesting. We'd like to see how the logo would look with different color boxes for the initials.
  • This is a great design. Would we be able to see another version with the "FKMS" monogram in a more defined font?
  • Here's idea #164, hope you like, a little straight forward but professional. Thank you!
  • Your entry 159 and 160 are almost exactly like another designers entry. please check the entries before uploading so this does not happen again
  • About #130 I have incorporated the law court of New York ,which is an important landmark. Thank You
  • Dear CH, #199 and #197 are my new submissions. In #199, I gave the logo a friendly feel by using soft lines and hand-written alphabets. The four connected alphabets represent your firm's close relationship with the clients. As for #197, the half-circle mimics a rainbow and represents the bridge between your firm and your clients. Thank you!