Upmarket Cocktail Bar / Restaurant Needs Vibrant Logo with Garden Feel ..

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We're looking for a logo that will suit a 'garden party' theme ... we've changed all our marketing / venue to attract a better looking crowd, have placed flowers / plants and fake grass everywhere and looking for a logo to suit .Must only contain the letter H or Hillside. Colours preferred would be interchangeable with each season so consider that also with the design, Modern, fun, and appealing to the female market.

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  • Its against the rules to show multiple designs in same entry. Only one is allowed.
  • Its against the rules to show a colored background unless CH requests or its part of your logo. Thank you
  • Hello!!! From all these I prefer #3 but maybe with some colour to it. I like this style maybe if we can add some colour to it. I like the whole grass and picket fence thing. As the props we use are fake grass and picket fence.
  • Hello hillside, to accompany #7 I've also submitted #6 as a demonstration of the versatility of the logo color.
  • Hi, Here's a simple hillside/H design. The "H" can be used alone or with the word "Hillside". If you think the design fits the specifications you've set forth, please let me know. Also, I'll be happy to make any revisions you'd like to see. Thank you.
  • hi sir here is my another designer... in this design u can easy watch the grass on surface..colors are vibrant and a hill shape also on the mid of sign.. and it has a sun on it wtch looks like a drink glass too... thank you
  • #47 and #48 new concept with the whole grass and picket fence. hope you like it thanks
  • hi sir... this design have the royals colours & the royal type of fonts.. the shape of poll denotes "H"...and we can see a hill in it.....
  • Uploaded a few of these. Just showing different color arrangements. I know you wanted more color for the logo. -Mike
  • I'm sorry. Please disregard designs #50 & #49 . They are both mine but somehow I got logged out from this website.. My apologies. -HEdesign
  • its against the rules to use multiple designs in same entry. Only one is allowed. Thank you
  • About #22 Lighter letters, darker grass variation of #21.
  • #68 is a somewhat abstract interpretation of a fence with grass with the wind in the back, but it is also an H. It would be appealing to a female market and it uses colors that would denote a floral/garden theme as well as a fun enviroment. Thank you.
  • one design per entry only, no color,size or font variations allowed, just one design per entry
  • a typo in design #66, #67 is the corrected version. Thanks
  • #20 and #77 please check my revison based on your comment at #3. and variation concept #47,#48. thanks
  • Nice green logo, representing something fresh and the nature (Grass, Leaves,etc..) Modern Font to give something diferent than the usual. Eye catching logo. Best Regards. BH
  • COlored backgrounds are not allowed. Please submit in a white and clean background.
  • Its against the rules to use a colored background.
  • Sorry, my entry is actually #121, not #123