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Winning design #54 by Gabz76, Logo Design for upool.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Gabz76

Project description

UPDATE:  21 entries so far and 21 logos have been eliminated.

This logo is for an application that allows users to bet fake money on real sporting events.  User get together in a pool and compete against each other to try and win the most fake money by placing play-money bets on real sporting events over a set time period.

Prefer for the main color to be a green shade such as #006600 or something similar.

Prefer the Catamaran Bold font or something similar:

If you use a tagline for the logo, it should be "Bet like a champ!"

DO NOT include money-related images in the logo like dollar signs, dollar bills, poker chips, etc.  The logo should be more focused on sports than money.
DO NOT make a 3-dimensional logo.  It should be flat.
DO NOT include ".com" in the logo.  Just upool.
DO NOT waste your time with logo cliches like this:  http://www.gtgraphics.org/genericlogos.html

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  • I would like to chose #84 or #54 as the WINNER, but I need to know the font for number #84 before I decide. What is the font for #84? #84
    • About #84, @sbefort The font I used is Harabara but the P and L, I slight revise it just to look more unique .

  • upool #141
  • upool #138
  • upool #132
  • upool #131
  • rate #116
  • rate #115
  • rate #114
  • rate #113
  • wait your feedback #103
  • I worked on it. Do give me feedback :) #95
  • please checked it,and please coment feedback,thanks #81
  • please checked it,thanks #80
  • a simple but a little bit modern logo. I did not use the color code on the brief. I use the brighter green to represent the color of "dollars/money" #77
  • GP8
    #1 #76
  • No Shadow #75
  • less shadow #74
  • simple logo sir. i hope you like my idea. thanks. #67
  • I do have some bad news about this Harabara font. I contacted the author and it's going to cost $100 to use it legally on a commercial website. It's only free for personal use. It is not a deal breaker. I might pay the $100 fee, but I'm curious what this would look like with other fonts that are free for commercial use. #38
  • Your logo is in second place right now. One thing I do not like is the checkmark. It seems that you are trying to integrate all letters (U-P-O-O-L) into the icon, which is very clever, but the checkmark is not working. If there was a better way to integrate the L then it would be better. #35
    • About #35, @sbefort Hello CH, Thank you for feedback, Yes, actually all the letters is integrated, you can see what i mean in this design #61, the reason i added checkmate is to represent BET, but if you do not like it please check entry #59 #60 hope is better
      ps, you can use your logo without the title if you want it
      Thanks :)