Upscale Eye Clinic Needs modern/Elegant Design

Our experience with has been great! We had initially hired a couple of graphic artists to design a new logo for our company but weren't happy with the direction they were heading. After launching a design contest on, we had nearly 300 design entries from artists all around the globe. The artists had many fresh ideas and were very receptive to our feedback. provided a cost effective way to have many artists submit logos for our review. I cannot think of another way to have so many artists work on a design project such as this without spending significantly more money. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to think outside the box for their new designs.

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Winning design #272 by asIm, Logo Design for Upscale Eye Clinic Needs modern/Elegant Design Contest
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designed by asIm

Project description

Words that come to mind when describing the direction of our practice and desired logo include: professional, cutting edge, bold, luxurious, and elegant. Our current logo (an eyeball with a family in the pupil) has been copied and over-used in the industry. We're looking for a fresh looking logo that reflects our practice's cutting edge technology and medical eye care without being so trendy as to become outdated easily. It also needs to reflect the luxury found in our optical boutique without looking so classic as to seem old fashioned.

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  • I tried a rich burgundy wine color with sophisticated grays. Has a nice contrast. The flat colors make it easy to change them as needed.
  • Sorry, My submission is number #65 not #64 Thanks. -Georgina
  • Pardon my typo. I must have made it in haste. Sorry, The "S" and the "E" key are but hair widths apart. I know my eye should have been more keen to that, but my concentrations were elsewhere.
  • Sorry, My submission is number #65 not #64 Thanks. -Georgina
  • Hi there eyedocb, My submission #64 is a logo option if you want something other than an eye symbol. The circles, that gradually become clearer, focuses on the concept that your business improves patient's vision. I believe that beautiful typography, paired with a simple, conceptually driven graphic is the best way to communicate elegance. Please give me feedback. Thanks. -Georgina
  • A b/w sample for your review. I will work on a new color version for my last submission. Thanks!
  • too cartoonish - I'm looking for more professional and elegant
  • I can tell you're working on making it look like an eye now but I'm not sold on it yet. I'd still like you to play with it a bit to see what you can come up with.
  • Let's try other color schemes
  • Interesting graphic and clean look - I'd like to see you adjust the color scheme and font to make them look more elegant/luxurious.
  • This is a very creative graphic. I'm intrigued by it but I'd like you to ponder the following and give me some feedback: 1)I'm a little concerned that the 3D emobossed graphic won't transfer well to B&W versions of the logo - any thoughts? 2)Although I like the blue/silver combo personally, I'm a little concerned that the faintness of the silver would be difficult to read against a white background on billboards or signage - any thoughts on making it look more bold?
  • Let's try it stressing the words "Center Vision" with the rest somehow smaller or in a different color. Perhaps a more horizontal design?
  • a little too cartoonish
  • Better because it's simpler. Would you please step out on a limb and use this same design with a vastly different color scheme? Try rich, elegant colors to contrast it with its current fresh colors.
  • Different color scheme.
  • Hey eyedocb, I submitted this entry with the blue and silver scheme, but I think it would also look well with blue and a bright orange. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Thanks!
  • hi eyedocb thanks for the feedback. I have put more emphasis on the Center Vision Clinic and sub titled & Contact Lens. I think the new symbol is not so dominate . Thank You
  • Hi - thanks for the feedback. Here is a revision of 37 without the star in the pupil. I also toned down the blue a bit to give it a more elegant or professional feel. colors can easily be changed as needed. I used greens a blues for a more modern younger appeal and fresh look.
  • rif56: I'm not sure exactly what to tell you. The graphic is bold and certainly attracts attention. Perhaps less emphasis on the eyelid/brow? Try rearranging the text to make "Center Vision" prominent with the rest as subtitle somehow. Thanks.
  • The lighter color of the graphic here makes it hide behind the text better than your other submissions but it's too busy. If you make it bolder without decreasing its footprint, it obscures the text.