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Winning design #81 by QUANG, Logo Design for Upscale Investment Banking Boutique With Tacky Name Needs Classy Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by QUANG

Project description

We would like to create a CLASSY, UPSCALE logo which conveys our mission of making investors money such they can retire to the Mediterranean. It should utilize the initials MSG as, or in conjunction with Imagery. Color scheme should be corporate as whatever is chosen for the logo will be carried through to our Web Site (to be created), letterhead, etc. etc.

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  • my entry, #5, wish i could get any feedbacks from CH.. God bless... = miss k =
  • it has some mystery in it. the letters .M S and G can be recognized from it.
  • Hello, Staying with the postal theme, the colours also reflect the US Flag.
  • Hello, I actually live facing the Med, but I don't have a yacht sadly. I thought the postage stamp was a nice notion, as if the retiree were sending a postcard back to the USA. Thanks for the opportunity to present.
  • #11 any feedback would be appreciated. thanks.
  • Much as previous, but the circle isolates the 'egg' and creates a 'Sun' evokative of the Mediterranean. Thank you
  • Hello, This design features a Golden Egg, synonymous with 'Nest Eggs' and much described in literature.
  • i just noticed i made a typo in all my submissions. can fix easily though.
  • CLASSY, UPSCALE... appreciate any suggestion..
  • We only allow one design per entry, no size,no color variations just one design per entry infraction for
  • About #17 You spelled Mediterranean wrong! You may want to fix it for the CH!
  • MSJ
    Really like. Could you remove the rays of the sun and just leave the ball and do two; one with the yellow squiggly (the suns reflection?)underneath the blue squiggly (the water?)and one with out. Thanks
  • MSJ
    I like the layout, font, shadow and colors. Not sure about what I'll call the "Kite". What happens if you replace the kite with a more literall sun than in #46?
  • MSJ
    I like it but its very "soft". Need something more powerful. Could you try a yacht rather than sail boat and make it more Literal?
  • MSJ
    Pretty cool. Can you make it more "sun" like and add some water so it looks like the sun setting into the ocean.
  • MSJ
    Kamakazi It's great and original and I like your work. I dont think the helmet though is the right symbol as our goal is to be making people money so they can retire on the mediterranean rather than fighting. What else can you come up with?
  • MSG shield to protect investors from raising their investments...
  • About #94 It's just a simple and formal logo which could represent your company. Please kindly comment and advice for any amendment. Thanks.
  • Dear CH, submit my theme.
  • PS Sorry for typo.