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Winning design #78 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for Urban Rebel Apparel Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dayadrana

Project description

We need a company logo, one that will appear on our website as our flagship statement. It will also appear on our apparel. We are a new modern and (Urban) clothing company who wants to produce premium clothing at affordable price points. We play outside the box. Our driving force is our unreasonable expectations to succeed. We want to be a major contender with Under Armour and Nike but be affordable. Our slogan is: I Am An Urban Rebel. We want to motivate people to rebel and defy against conformity. To be themselves. To be better than everyone else. To push themselves. To succeed. And to never give up until they win. 

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  • About #105, @ImArtist - I like it. Could you switch the red dots for stars? And could you try a couple different images in the centre. Keep the heart formation, but maybe instead of music notes something else, something feminine...
    • @richard2 Thanks for your feedback. I will do it asap and let you know.. Thanks

  • Great call with the heart. Could you play around with adding some pink hollow stars on the shirt as well. Try above the emblem. Then one sort of scattered and another down one side #112
  • About #112, @Dayadrana - Can you copy this but change the image that's in black to a pink one? To the one that's on the shirt.
  • About #107, @Dayadrana -- Can you change colour to a pinkish and make it about 25% smaller?
  • About #108, @Dayadrana -- Not quite. Can you keep the original image but morph the top into the top of a heart shape? And can you send a version of 107 but have the logo about 25% smaller?
  • alternitive, for female wearers, could you try to modify the UR slightly. Could you try to feminize it a little, perhaps folding the top in a little to make the UR in the shape of a heart. Thank http://you.About #78, @Dayadrana -- For an
  • About #94, @Alex_Yar -- Yes exactly... Can you do a straight on view, and on both arms?
    • About #89, @richard2 ок Richard #106

  • Can you put the gorilla onto a baseball cap. Have the image start on the brim and continue up the front. #89
    • About #89, @richard2 ок Richard #106

  • I Am An Urban Rebel : Heart - Half rebellious half fun loving. :) #105
  • About #78, @Dayadrana -- Can you put this on a female please.
  • About #102, @aksa17 great design
    • About #102, @richard2

      Thanks for the feedback!
      Please, let me know if it's in the running , so I could come up with variations or display it on apparel.

  • @richard2 Please see my concept #101. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  • About #95, @Dayadrana -- Can you do the #REBELLION in a thinner font. Possibly the font used in the actual logo
  • About #89, @Alex_Yar -- Awesome - could you put URBAN REBEL along each sleeve where the bottom hem is in a horizontal direction, basically following the curve of the arm, basically going around the arm.
    • About #69, @richard2 something like that #94 ?

  • About #91, @Dayadrana Actually, can you get rid "this is my" and change it to "#REBELLION" and can you one with the blocker out letters and one with just letters and no blockout...
  • About #86, @Dayadrana -- Keep the logo where it is and the size it is, but move the slogan to where the other one you did was but double the size.
    thanks so much,..
  • About #85, @Dayadrana -- Can you move the logo up about a 1/4 of the way more and double the size of the slogan?
    Thank you. And if you could try to put URBAN REBEL on the sleeve hems in a horizontal direction. Looks really good.
  • Design 3 #87
  • Design 2 #83
  • the way I wanted "REBELLION" in the previous comments is the way #82 has "Apparel" done. Sorry, it was tough to explain. And also, could you in the font you have used here see if you can put URBAN REBEL along the hem of the sleaves in a horizontal direction. #78