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Winning design #154 by RAMcreative, Logo Design for US Talc and Minerals Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RAMcreative

Project description

We are a mining company that mines Talc and processes it into a white powder like baby powder which is then sold to manufacturing companies that use it as an ingredient to make plastic, paint and rubber.  Our logo will be printed on all our 50 pound bags being sold to customers so it needs to be bold.  We want the logo to communicate the fact that we are sophisticated, professional manufacturers of a reliable product.

Note: if you use red and blue colors make sure they are are darker blue and darker red but not too dark.  Navy blue starts looking black if its too dark.

Both "US" and "Talc" need to be prominent.  "and Minerals" can be less pronounced in the logo.

As a fact for inspiration - One big benefit of using talc in plastics and other industrial materials is that it is platy/lamellar.  It has tiny flat platelets which layer together to give strength to materials.  

I added some images below as inspiration for additional logo designs.  Not be taken literally but literal is okay too.

Before the end of the contest, all submissions will be reviewed by review committee and best logos will get more feedback for adjustments.

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