Utility Service Company needs Fresh Eye Catching Logo

The number of responses to my contest was all but overwhelming - with 400 designs submitted by a variety of obviously talented artists. It was difficult choosing a winner because there were probably 10 logos that I would have been very pleased with. This is the second time I have used designcontest.com and I would use them again. I've recommended them to industry colleagues due to their value, customer service, and ease of use. Thanks, designcontest.com!


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Winning design #269 by Desp, Logo Design for Utility Service Company needs Fresh Eye Catching Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Desp

Project description

I'm looking for a logo that will look fresh and modern, but also have some staying power. We'll be exposing it primarily through vehicle decals, web exposure, and business cards. My vision for the logo would include the use of the "O" as a design element and I'm picturing the words in two different colors, maybe lime green and gray. Orange is also used a lot in our industry.

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  • #21 #22 hi equal weight-age on zone and also on one,as per your requirement bold and easy to memorable and readable
  • hello CH, #20 is my entry. the "O" represents the idea of a electromagnetic field.
  • The mix of lowercase and capital letters as well as the mix of font sizes seems more random than deliberate in terms of what is being emphasized regarding the business.
  • Graphic element around the "O" has visual interest.
  • Good colors. Proportions and weight aren't right overall.
  • The winning logo will probably feature both words "ZONE" and "ONE" with equal prominence. The "O" should be used as a design feature, but it doesn't need to be over the top or dominating. The word "LOCATING" can be subordinate to the words "ZONE" and "ONE" and doesn't necessarily have to be featured. The equipment used in our industry uses electromagnetic induction to produce a cylindrical magnetic field around a buried conductor. Concentric rings, a halo, a sunburst... all of those elements might work. The logo should be modern, but should have some visual weight. It needs to be recognizable on a truck door moving down the road.
  • This font seems like it would be hard to read on a vehicle at a glance on the road. The logo should be recognizable across lanes and headed in the other direction.
  • I could actually see this one on trucks. My website is www.zoneonelocating.com. I fear that the use of the numeral "1" in place of the word might make it hard for people to find me.
  • This one is substantial, readable and eye catching. The use of the numeral "1" inside the word zone, makes this look like it says "zine" at first glance.
  • The yellow and green combination says "lemon lime" to me. Also the letters in this font don't seem "substantial" enough for the message I'm trying to convey.
  • This one would be closer to the ideal if the words "zone" and "one" were given equal weight.
  • This is the closest so far to what I was picturing. The graphic is somewhat appropriate to my business.
  • This one is kind of intriguing to me, but I'm looking to have both words "zone" and "one" prominently featured.
  • This font doesn't suit my taste and the lightbulb graphic doesn't fit my business
  • Please see #170 and let me know if you'd like to see other color combinations.
  • This is nice, but similar to #106, which is stronger.
  • This is nice, but #92 was a better balanced execution of this theme.
  • See comments for similar design. This one also mixes green and orange, which I'm trying to steer clear of.
  • This seems pharmaceutical to me. Thanks, though.
  • That was thicker than I was picturing. It really changed the character of the design.