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Got what I wanted as promised. Great entries and I am very happy with the results.


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Winning design #2 by raa, Logo Design for Utility Wranglers Contest
Gold Medal

designed by raa

Project description

I need a logo for my utility consultant company. We focus on researching and setting up services such as electricity, water, internet, tv, security and pest control for new home owners and business owners.

The company is Texas based, and should have a slight western theme.

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  • please feedback on this #137
  • Utility Wranglers.. #135
  • please feedback me? thanks #129
  • raa
    As you requested. Thanks. #92
    • @raa Thanks for doing that. We decided we like the first one best so far.

    • raa

      @nstone Thank you. Let me know if you would like to see any other variations.

  • Feedback... #88
    • @3blogodesigns Looks a little angry to me.

  • Feedback... #85
  • Feedback... #84
  • Hello again CH ! The logo is the combination of the letters "U" and "W" where the U is above the W. And a house is made from the "U" making the overall logo look better. Waiting for your valuable feedback #68
    • @3blogodesigns I dont think it really communicates what we do. It looks cool, but there is not clear that is is a U and W and unless you know we work on home service it is hard to tell what the house is.

    • @nstone Okay. Thanks for the feedback. Will try something else

  • raa
    Thanks for the feedback. Hope this is what you had in mind. #65
    • @raa Not sure I like that as much, but can you apply that to the circular logo? The circle seems to be the favorite around here right now.

  • new design
    this simple logo
    feedback please #75
  • This design is again a combo of the letters "U" and "W". Hope you can interpret them. Overall logo is designed to look like a house. Waiting for the feedback #70
  • Dear CH,
    I hope you like my designs, please feedback, I am ready to revise .... greeting me .. #53
    • @GAKA I like it. Can you add something like a small window just under the peak to create the idea of a home from the darker lines?

    • @nstone Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • raa
    House brand. I like the concept. Thanks. #35
    • @raa I like it. The brand seems to have a slight glow to it. I am guessing from the orange outline. Can you make it a hair cleaner and maybe create some space so the end of the W doesn't touch the outer wall?

  • I like the concept but I worry about putting the state of Texas in the logo as I will not operate solely in Texas. I am aware TX has a reputation outside of state lines and would prefer not to carry that with the company. #4
    • About #4, @nstone
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • Thanks for rating me...
    Your feedback is very important for me.. #38
  • Hello there CH ! Hope you are having a great day. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo made #23
    • @3blogodesigns I like this one quite a bit.

    • @nstone Thanks for the feedback ! Glad that you liked it. Anything you would like to have changed or have something more to add in the design ?

  • raa
    Thank you for the rating. Here is a slight variation with more yellow. #20
    • @raa I still like the first one in white the best.

    • @raa Try making the brand enclosure in a pentagon (house) shape.

  • how about this? #24
    • @gemilank I think the font is a little hard to read and wont exactly speak to my clientele.

  • Feedback.. #25
  • I prefer the other color scheme that leans more toward yellow. #3