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Winning design #57 by EcoDesigns, Logo Design for Uweeb Contest
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designed by EcoDesigns

Project description

Uweeb is a small and newly started webcompany that provides small and middle companies with both frontend and backend websites. We are now looking for a modern and luxury logotype for our website and business cards. Let the ideas flow! I don't really have any favorite colors, so i'm pretty openminded!

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  • Hello again. I've submitted #22 and I've tried for that kind of 3D paper overlap look that's in your third example in the brief. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like. Thanks :)
    • Really really like this one! and to be hones, its more morally correct to choose your design since egner kinda stole the idea! ;) I really dont have more input to be honest but try to spin the rings alittle more, how about that? and perhaps another font?

    • Ok thanks :) I appreciate the understanding. I'll just keep playing around with some different ways to change it up. Thanks again

  • Hi CH. I changed the colour palette into more btight colours #21.
  • Please check this design #19 #20 and feedback, Waiting now... Thanks again
    • I dont realy like the colors, but i like the format on #20

  • Hello bud, i'm just curious if your company has some sort of slogan? - Alex Hoflin
    • No not realy, not yet..

  • I figured i would try something abit out of the box! How do you like #14 ? - Alex Hoflin
    • Hi, Realy like this idea, try to make it even more out of the box ;) greate work!

  • Really like this one!!
    • Thanks for the positive feedback! This one was my favorite, too. Is there anything in particular you'd like me to change with this one to make it better?

    • Perhaps make another with little wider circle to see how that looks like, and keep the text black :):) Very nice! Thank you!

    • Thanks for the high ratings on my new submissions :) is there anything else you would like to have done? Also the submissions from egner copy my colors exactly, so I'm not sure if that's against the rules.

  • Very nice one! Can you make one logo with just the U letter inside the circle also? like in picture #9 ?
    • Thanks for feedback. I am glad you liked my design. I made a logo with just the U letter inside #15.

  • Hi, Check this design #12 and feedback, Waiting now... Thanks
  • Remove the shadow under the circle and don't mix the colors in the circle, keep it clean! Very nice work!
  • Lets try something totaly new, drop that circle and make it so its nice both in colored version and in black and white.
  • pick a smaller font and remove the red U and choose a black color at the text
  • Hi #24 is my approach on your logo. I tried to do it circular but a different kind of circle. Also the color are more towards the soft/pastel side. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Andrei
    • I do realy like it but perhaps a bit more colorful circle

    • I will adjust and upload later if you havent decided on a winner yet! thanks

    • Hi I made #33 and #34 based on your feedback and latest updates. Thanks

  • Hello, i decided to put it on a business card just to put some perspective on the logo for you! #29 Please give feedback, and tell me what you like/what you do not like about the logo! Thanks - Alex
  • My first thought was with different colors of the circle and with several circles upon each others like this logo: http://www.colourbox.com/preview/4543988-50050-company-business-logo-design-vector-circle.jpg
  • Im trying some different shapes, stepping away from the whole circular shape, hope you like it! #23 I would appreciate a rating, thank you! - Alex Hoflin
  • Hello CH, first entry is up. What do you think about #59? Thanks!
  • Very nice one, can you get another with just the U letter inside the circle?
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests http://webneel.com/sites/default/files/images/manual/multilogo/multi-color-logo%20(13).jpg http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/uweeb/entry/23
  • I would just like to point out that #23 / #29 are an exact copy of an already existing logo. http://webneel.com/sites/default/files/images/manual/multilogo/multi-color-logo%20(13).jpg