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Winning design #5 by jacondsign, Logo Design for Valley BJJ  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jacondsign

Project description

I’m looking for a logo for my Brazilian jiu-jitsu club in Armstrong BC. The club name is Valley Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I would like the logo to have the basic elements of BJJ logos. For the logo I was thinking maybe a valley landscape, forest or nature theme. Also a raven could be used. I don’t want it to look like a sports team logo. You don’t have to incorporate all the elements into the logo they are just suggestion. I would recommend looking at some Brazilian jiu-jitsu logos to understand the elements of them.

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  • Hi @skaterdude153
    Please find my latest entries #68, #69, feedback most welcome
  • Please comment my work. If there is anything you want to change, fix or replace...please tell me, it`s not a problem to work on design to make it better.
    Thank you! #66
  • Maybe a white crow with a black field? #48
  • Went for a minimalistic design hope you like it. #47
  • BJJ logo with black crow watching the meaning of BJJ always in a state of standby and ready, with a good training program and directed then BJJ always able to print jui jitsu athletes in combat ready to face every game. The valley silhouette is on the letter "V" with two black and gray colors, it describes a struggle to achieve the goal is not easy must be a long training process with instructions from the trainers to form a very good physical and mental. #39
  • Here's a variation of the raven(crow). Just let me know.

    fcurtis #37
  • Also, how do you want me to play with the raven? fcurtis
  • Hi SD,
    Help me to understand what different variations you would like to see! Variations to one can be different from another. I would like to give you exactly what you want for this design! Just let me know. TIA, fcurtis
  • Nice design, great colours. I do like this logo but it would also be nice to see some different variations on this. Great work. #30
    • The background is awesome love the all the background work, I would like to see you play with the raven a bit, not that I dont like this one but would just like to see some options.

  • I like this design but I would like to see it in a BJJ style. Maybe have the black belt around the border and have logo in a circle. Nice work #21
  • I love the colour scheme and whole layout of this. Fantastic work #5
  • Love this design very original and great use of classic BJJ concepts #5
  • If you have any questions or design changes, please let me know.

    fcurtis #30
  • Hi @skaterdude153
    Please find my latest entry #28, feedback greatly appreciated.
  • Hey, do let me know if you'd like to put in a border (with any specific colour combination) or just keep it open, also the raven has eyes in blue. #25
  • Hi @skaterdude153
    Please find my entry #11, feedback greatly appreciated.
    Updated entry #23, #24