Valley Brothers Beverage Company, LLC

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Winning design #43 by Altruist, Logo Design for Valley Brothers Beverage Company, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Altruist

Project description

We are an alcohol & beverage distribution business. We would like to see an industry specific type logo.  We would like to see  top and bottom arches using the name. Maybe using different type of bottles ( wine, spirits & beer) and  or different types of glasses used to serve alcohol in a sky line type picture ( no colors) Be creative with the image in the middle.

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  • ok to extreme i liked 43 everything but middle i like some bottles and an barrel like barrel not so large and bottles in front of it . and the vb smaller or something like #4 center we're heading in the right direction #69
  • update post ............. check please #65
  • @Valleybrothers

    Updates #28 and #29, let me know if you'd like more changes/adaptions.
  • could you do less glass's and a few less bottles add an wooden barrel with VB Brand in it maybe grapes coming off the drum. #43
  • ValleyBrothersLogo #52
  • Valley Brothers #51
  • @Valleybrothers another one with out the background. #42
  • hi! @Valleybrothers here is my option, incorporating all the elements you asked for. Hope to have some feedback on this, feel free to ask for changes. Thanks! #41
  • please give me rating if you like #36
  • VBBC-3

    This version shows the graphic in all solid colors when a gradient is not applicable. Here shown is a 40% gray field. #29
  • VBBC-2

    Update without stars and location tagline, emboldened contours and text and adjusted layout.
    A contrast version is shown at bottom right. #28
  • remove the stars and xxxx's
    • About #9, @Valleybrothers Sure.
      The "x"s only stood to show how a location could be put there.

  • valley brother needs to be more prevalent #15
    • About #15, @Valleybrothers please see #26 for update. let me know if needs something else. thanks for your feedback

  • Name was to be above and below and you could play with the font #4
  • everything works maybe new bottle arraignments and different font
  • VBBC-1

    Hi, here's my draft graphic shown in a 90% black and gray color scheme.
    The main composition is formed by a wooden barrel as background with a set of liquors and brews paraded in front by silhouettes. The layout is topped by 3 stars, which could be changed in number to represent the number of brothers or another aspect of significance about your business. In the space below and within the inner circle, a location tag with city and state could be added, or other info.
    Let me know how you like it. #9

    I also suggest making the contest blind so you get highly differentiated designs.