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Project description

Vanish is a tattoo fading and removal company. Our targeted demographic are women ages 25-42. Most people get tattoos removed because of regret, lifestyle changes, and jobs or they want them faded to replace with cover up tattoos. We want to make the V in Vanish our focal point. We would like the V to be large and shaped as a colorful butterfly with dynamic eyes in the wings staring at you. We would like to have colorful tears coming down the eyes as well as having the colors in the wings dripping down below the V. The tears represent regret and the colors dripping down represent fading. The butterfly is the most popular tattoo women have placed on their bodies. The rest of Vanish, we would like to keep in upper case letters and maybe have the "A' black and have each of the rest of letters tone down a scale until "H" is a light grey or whatever a designer thinks looks best. This also will represent fading. The words "laser aesthetics" can be placed under Vanish in any format the designer chooses as not to take away from our focal point. I have a attached a sample of butterfly I found online. I do not like the round "gears"  used throughout design.

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  • feedback please #71
  • Hi CH, Thank you for the rating and comments. Please check this with the modifications per your request. #61
  • feedback please #57
  • feedback please #45
  • Really cool. Can you make the eye a little more realistic and use more vibrant colors like you would see in a tattoo. Maybe just one or two tears coming out of eye and the rest of colors bleed down in a stream #35
  • Just saw this one up close and its a definite V. I dont know if I like the V curling at top yet. Im still looking at it and want my wife to see as well. Really cool #32
    • @smr4ut Thank you for the feedback, CH. I've submitted the new version of both previous designs, please kindly to check.

  • This is a really cool design. The V looks like a Y. Can you maybe tweak that a little #31
  • realist tear #27
  • This is Admin Sharie Your design is it a complete vector file? vector aI or eps editable file? Please email me source files so I can make sure for the contestholder. If this is NOT a vector file it will be removed from the contest #11
    • @sharie. yes. this is vectorised (high fidelity) in AI. i will email it through later today.

  • Can you make the tear look a little more realistic as you did with eyes. You absolutely followed our description in every way #11
    • @smr4ut This is Admin Sharie. This entry will most likely be removed. This design has too many affects to be a vector file and if made into a vector it will be a very complicated vector design

    • @smr4ut i will get the design approved with the admin today (regarding the vector question) and i will resubmit with realistic tear

    • @allimacbackwards Please see if you can get approved because we really like the design. Thanks!

    • @smr4ut Hi there I have looked at this design in vector. There are 1000's of anchor points. This means it will be VERY difficult to edit if you ever have the need to edit. The text is not clear as it should be either. What this designer has done is taken a raster image and live traced it in vector program. While this is a pretty design it is not a good logo design. In the end it is your choice and meets your requirements. I suggest the V to be reworked and cleaned up for sure

    • @smr4ut I'm sorry but this entry will be removed . It is stolen artwork. The artwork has been slightly modified but major is it is stolen from here

    • @sharie Can I speak to someone tomorrow about this. This is my first time doing this and was really excited until now. Please let me know. Thanks, Sam

    • @smr4ut HI there You can call and ask for sharie anytime 8am-5 pm pacific standard time. The thing is this designer stole this artwork. You would not be able to copyright this art even with the slight modifications made. The designer has been removed from our sight. I will add a free week to your contest and do some promo work if you would like, just let me know My email is

  • Hi, Thanks for your comments . I made the eyes more real. Make the butterfly as the "V".
    I also made the background resemble the color of skin and made the "ish" vanish. Hope you like it #19
  • I've made the updates you requested. Let me know what you think. If the colors aren't what you're looking for can you be a bit more specific what you had in mind? I figured by "tattoo colors" you mean less vibrant. Thanks! #17
  • I added the detail of butterflies flying away from the main design and disappearing to help reinforce the idea of tattoo removal. #16
  • I opted to put opaque background to the eyes to make them stand out. I could make them more white, if you wish. The antennae also reinforce the visual of the letter "V." #15
  • Tried to tick all of the boxes. hope you like it. Let me know if you would like any changes #11
  • extremely cool and unique. can you tweak colors to more represent tattoo colors. #9
    • @smr4ut also can you make the eye more realistic looking. We really like this design. it flows well

  • really close. Can we make the butterfly larger so the V stands out more and add more colors as well. We will be removing and fading a lot of colorful tattoos #8
  • Really like all the colors and eyes in butterfly. Any way to make the butterfly as the V in Vanish #7
  • Thank you for entry. I really like the laser beam effect in Vanish. I would like to see the butterfly with more realistic eyes and more colors. Would like to incorporate the butterfly as the V #6
  • once again we appreciate your entry. I made notes on your first design. Thank you #3