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Winning design #125 by ARTOMATIC, Logo Design for Vape Hunter Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ARTOMATIC

Project description

we are a new business in Northern Ireland. Our business is e-cigarettes, however, we are specialising in the liquids aspect of this business. We will be sourcing products internationally, unlike our competitors. We would like the V and H to be our recognisable symbol and will therefore be the dominant feature of the logo. We anticipate a black background with orange lettering to provide stark contrast but are open to your guidance. Our tag line will be 'stockists of international E-liquid'. Thank you

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  • About #98, @Bluelight Thank you
  • About #110, @tjgraphics Can you keep the font and style of lettering the same but change the letter size so that the V and R are the two slightly bigger letters, as in design #109.
    Can you also change the colour of the whisp of smoke and tag line to white.
    Can you also change the tag line to read STOCKIST OF INTERNATIONAL E-LIQUIDS
    Thank you very much.
  • About #90, @jaycobbb Could you create a bigger contrast between the lettering and the background, by making the background darker and the lettering brighter. This might take away from the effect that you are going for, but I would like to see the result, to see if it works. Thank you
    • About #90, @markvapehunter
      Hi Mark , thanks alot for those nice words about my concept , I ' m thankfull that have seen all of my details , I ms till adding last versions , if u have any suggestion tell me :)

  • pls give feedback #104
  • Hi - made some changes to color and proportion based on feedback - thanks #98
  • About #28, @pluk99 Would it be possible to make the vertical line between the V and H blue, but leave everything else as it is. Thank you for all your designs, time and efforts.
  • I incorporated a "V" and "H" design #66
    • @reyjdesigns I like the designs you have submitted and you have clearly put a lot of time and effort into these and for that I am grateful. The logo has developed into a darker element, rather than the clean and clear-cut entries you have submitted. It is for this reason alone that your entries have been eliminated. Your technique of incorporating the H into negative space is excellent but not what I am looking for in this particular instance. Thank you.

  • About #90, @jaycobbb Great use of symbol and font to draw on a Dracula aspect. The'T' portraying a stake used to kill a vampire, also acts as the cross bar in 'H' and the whisp of smoke also portrays a cigarette element to it. Great detail from such a simple design.
  • About #59, @pluk99 I am eliminating this as I think your design #28 is stronger. Although I do like the background in this design, I believe that the background in #28 helps it stand out more and look stronger. Thank you
  • i am eliminating this, simply because I prefer the H in #59 #31
  • About #84, @Bluelight I think the colour of the writing is a bit weak and does not grab my attention as much as it otherwise would. The droplet from the V is a great touch and picks up on the importance of the liquid aspect of the brief. The H appears to me to be slightly out of proportion to the V. I appreciate that this may be to distinguish it from the V, but I feel that it leaves the logo slightly unbalanced.
  • About #85, @soniadhariwal I like the font, simplicity and subtleness of this design. The styling gives a certain class and elegance, which I truly like. The cigarette incorporated into the 'h' is a nice touch.
  • About #86, @soniadhariwal. Hi Sonia, I like the thinking behind your concept, as I too had originally pictured an animal head being the basis for the logo. I think the logo would need to be 'meaner' or moe aggressive looking for this to work. Perhaps if the V was straighter/sharper, this would add a meanness? Thank you for the effort you have put into these designs
  • About #96, @tjgraphics Brilliant design, covered everything in the brief. Great incorporation of the V and H and the whisp of smoke is an excellent touch.
  • About #95, @whoe I prefer this entry over #94 as I believe the V and H are more balanced and in proportion. This is why I have eliminated #94. I like the simplicity and power of this design
  • like the font and colours used in VAPE HUNTER. I don't think the blue works with the red. I like the concept of the V and H being entwined but I don't believe they are definitive enough, the H looks too much like an A. Also there is no tag line which I had requested in the brief. #64
  • About #63, @nikedesigns Colour is too cold for what I am wanting
  • My proposal #88
  • About #52, @tjgraphics Excellent. Can you add an s to liquid so it reads STOCKISTS OF INTERNATIONAL E-LIQUIDS. Thank you very much. Great design