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Good experience. Communication to get point across felt difficult but things got better once designs started to come in. Overall good experience with designcontest.

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Winning design #50 by musaver786, Logo Design for Vapour Empire Contest
Gold Medal

designed by musaver786

Project description

Specializing in e-cig liquids, with approximately 30 different flavours along with 2-3 e-cig units. All juices and units will display company logo in a small space. We are looking for a company logo that will be used consistently for our website, print and product line. The name to be used is VapourFly instead of the pervious vapour empire. We are looking for a a fly or shadow fly to be a mascot. The fly can be sitting somewhere on the lettering itself. A reference would be Colour choice should fall into something bright and vibrant, Fruit colours, etc The Fly can be the same colour as the word fly. sorry for the confusion.

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  • Hello! I've submitted #4 and any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
  • Hi, #1 and #2 are an example for what the font, colours and ideogram could be. Main Concept is the V and the E interlaced, everything else rotates and can be customizable around that. The Idea behind it is that the V is like vapour rising through the arms of the E. Not very noticable at this stage, but doable. Regards...
  • Hello, There is no image attached. Could you upload it again? also please tell us your color preference if any? Thanks and regards :)
    • Hi, we are open to any creative colour scheme. thank you.

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      paulgill8 {*wrote*}:
      Hi, we are open to any creative colour scheme. thank you.
      |--| Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. working on your project. will get back to you soon. Regards :)

  • i wrote some notes not sure if you are able to view them. Please let me know
  • could you try a more relaxed text in 'Vapour" and tighten up the text in 'fly'. We would prefer if the fly was not moving. same for #14
  • Could you try a more vibrant colour for the 'fly' and and the fly itself. We like the text, but could we move the insect elsewhere? thank you
  • Hello Designers, to mention again the brief has been updated with some changes please have a look. Thank you.
  • The fly icon has to be more clear and perhaps placed in a different position. A more playful font be used? thank you
  • I think I want some kind of simple logo for printing on pens, something that can easily be printed on the appropriate product, usually in two or three colors. I do not know if I'm going the right direction, it is a bit weird design, I am open for its correction, #9. Thanks, krisdesign
    • Please have a look at the Brief again. The scope of the design has been changed along with the name to be branded. Thank you

  • Hello Everyone, Thank you all for the great designs, at this time we have had to make a few change in the brief section. Please have a look and hope to see your amazing work. thank you
  • Could you show some other variations of the Fly within the V? We like the clean lines on the text, but would want to see other options to the fly thats within it. thank you
  • I referred how you presented #21.
  • Could we try making the fly not so realistic? Gives off a 'dirty' vibe...?
  • We are liking the look of #15. Especially the V. could you try something along that line? thank you
  • We like the look of your V but could we try a font with cleaner lines....thicker font in fly. Overall really nice design.
  • Could you show me another font for 'fly'? thank you. We like the 'V' could you change the font of 'apour' would like to see it in another text of style.
  • please refer to the 'A' in 35. the insect still doesn't look correct to us. Imagine the 'O' as the body and have its antlers coming out of the 'O' and maybe some eyes. No need for wings.
  • sorry just to clarify, we would like to see the 'O' as the body of the insect. Maybe some insect antlers coming out of the top. please refer to #11. please move away from the fly that you have. thank you
  • I'd like to see your design with a cleaner 'A'. No fly in the 'U' But instead could you make the 'O' into an insect. Keeping wtih the feel of the text. Thank you
  • my notes: 1) love the fly image / icon used on #29/#30 (Simple, looks like a fly, but not overwhelming. It looks like it just landed on something and is innocent.) 2) I like the copy "vapour" and the "fly" being two different colors like in #11 3) I like the font used in the copy "fly" on #11 4) I like the font used in the copy "vapour" on #16 and #29 5) I like the font used in the copy "vapour" on #29 except for the letter "a" 6) If we can now incorporate the fly we like above with the letter "V" someone that would be awesome. So we can not only use the logo where needed but we can just use this "v" and fly image as a stand alone symbol so people know our brand without seeing the whole company name. Like Starbucks for example.