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Winning design #246 by EcoDesigns, Logo Design for VARD Technologies Contest
Gold Medal

designed by EcoDesigns

Project description

the highest quality vehicle tuning brand there is. Global entity, deals with the most exclusive clients and most exclusive cars. I like the look of this type of logo the finish and effect, but not sure how it would look as a flat image. I also like the VARdesign logo (completely separate brand and company)

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  • I like where this is going. I want it to NOT look like the VARdesign logo... depth is good. Maybe try a spalsh of deep dark red - only a little. Play with the "techonologies" too maybe - VARD TECH can be the logo if needs be. TECH could be at the end vertically too. The "A" needs to be not like VARdesign logo please. I quite like the 'R' on this logo. and the D but I'm still looking for more ideas and add depth so I can see flat image and the sexy logo side too - depth, like the JFA website logo. bit of bling, but keep it professional. if that helps any thanks you
    • I hope #45 has more depth in your point of view. Also made the V red or you want it deeper? thanks for the feedback by the way...=)

    • lumalaban ka brad. malapit ka na maka gold. dami mong top rated. :-)

    • kakalaban ko lang sa wellplate... pahinga muna, saka ko na ilalabas kung ano kaya ko pagmalapit na matapos contest... ikaw mahilig sa mga ganitong design. experiment lang tong sakin kung papasa ba

  • If the design is number 24 is interesting, give a comment for further work.
    • I think he wants to see a touch of deep red for sexiness and metal more shiny like chrome/mercury with more depth than mine.

  • Thank you for the ratings CH! I would appreciate some feedback from the designs so I may improve the look...
  • Dear Simon, Could you please give me your feedback about #10? any advise will be appreciated.
  • I need it to not look like VARdesign. I reallylike the titanium / gun metal grey / chrome type effects too. This design colour/s is a little scientific / computer / IT type looking - I wanted something a bit more coding / metallic / aggressive / sharp / not rounded if that helps thank you
  • Hi Simon, say something about my designs: #120, #142, and #141. Bagus nggak ya???Thanks.
  • Check my entry #135 hope you like it. feedback is appreciated. Good luck. :-)
  • i really like the clean lines of this. Can you play with it and do some more variants please, And maybe one which is of a 3d type view, similar to this view
    • Hello Simon, Thank you for the rating and feedback. I have submitted #130 and #133. I did slight variations. But I wanted to keep it simple and subtle so as not to distract from the actual word itself. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, though, and i'll be happy to apply them. Thanks, Paul

  • Hi I made #128, trying a fusion between you anchors of inspiration and an original design. I also did #129 as the 3D mockup of the logo. Regards Andrei
  • At number 42, you did not say not a word, so I realized that you do not like and introduce a new design number 117
  • love the thought of this, but the logo is not clear enough - the letters are not clear
    • I know it is not so easy readable and that's why I put VARD TECHNOLOGIES under it. Take a look at this #111

  • love this, different to what i expected. But think it looks like WARD not VARD. not sure if there's somethign you can try to make it more clear
  • can we try something like this, without the circle, and with "ard" after the V, in small font, and "ech" same, after teh T please ? VARD TECH ? thanks :)
  • Hello CH, Please See My design No. #75 & feedback, Thanking You, Sach
  • like this Can you try this with a flatter image, and also a jfautomotive style depth and chrome, and view from a different perspective too please? Liek the JFA one ? I like where this one is going
  • i think the flat image is good - I'm not sure on the bobble / shading on this - can you do some sharper, flatter variants please and i'll take a look
  • i like the flat image - i think I don't like the chrome bubble type of look. Can yuo do some sharper flatter variants please to see how they might look please?
  • Hello CH, Please kindly check my design, #55. Thank you,.
  • Contest Holder: I just submitted #54. Please take a moment to check it out and give me some feedback. Thank you -Mike
  • mega awesome. Can i see what it's like with a very slightly deeper dimension to it please? I might not like it deeper, or a little rounder (small amount) on the edges to realy smooth the progressive shading - really make it look a bit more 'finished item'. If there any any minor tweaks after I've picked a winner, are they allowed ? And I can get a few vriants of the logo ? I need flat images and for example, if I chose this one, then all the variants on the winner's entry. that ok ? That how it works?
    • I will try to make more versions but maybe a lot later. Please excuse me but now I have to make other urgent things. When you choose a winner you can work with him for a week for minor tweaks and versions of the chosen design

    • Hi just I managed to submit some versions #236,#237,#238,#239,#242 I hope you like them.

    • In your business do you plan to use the 3d logo in web, business cards etc.

    • 3d image on website and social media, with flat images on invoices/letter head/(possibly email, but may use a 3d image there too if I can see one on a white background ? maybe a little shadow around it, but to go on a white email background please) #239 is still a close 'second' at the moment but I want to see it in chrome 3d like the current number one (#246) please

    • I would like to make it but it will take me more time and I had a long day and it is 01.00am in my cso I need to take some sleep. I hope the chrome effect will not be the main thing that you will make you choose a winner. In most logo contest 3d or such effects is used only to show how the logo will look if you make it in chrome. I am glad you like my logo and that I managed to keep the concept and yet keep it readable

    • yes I love the flat image of your design - it's been #1 since I saw it. However, now wanting to see the chrome effects for how it 'can' look for all online media. Yours is joint #1 now. Close call as to which we prefer.

    • Sorry, I didn't fit in time to make the 3d better .