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Winning design #580 by Moenzir_14, Logo Design for VEA Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Moenzir_14

Project description

EDIT: Looking for something that captures the essence of a smart assistant.
EDIT: Would like to see focus on the "Assistant" aspect, instead of virtual.
At it's core, the software is designed to serve the role of an "assistant".  It just happens to be non-human and programmed to serve executives.
We want companies looking for a new "assistant" to consider hiring VEA instead. Companies that are looking for a new assistant are not searching for "virtual".

Need logo for software called VEA (Virtual Executive Assistant)

App is a digital nervous system for companies.

Don't want generic logos with swooshes etc.

Don't want generic logos with just text

Need some original iconic logo that can capture the idea of the software and can be uniquely recognizable.

Logo will also be used on website which has #1a1a1a background color.

Something 3D preferred but not necessary.

Anything like this will be ruled out:

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  • Sir, another idea where vea represent the executive symbol . Hope that you will like it. #700
  • The concept for this logo is taken from brief, just like my previous design, the "V" represent smart assistant.

    I made the "A" looks like flying pixel to represent how this system works light, effective and easily so it'll be hired by executives who are in need of one of a kind virtual assistant. #699
  • Navigation bar App Software #696
  • the logo used in note book and t-shirt

    I made the logo looks like a person with the head and body with electronic circuits to highlight the smart technology VEA will provide.

    Opened circles in the main interface represents the digital nervous system that easily flows to maximize the assistance.

    The interface outside of the main circle is a representation of how this virtual assistant capable of handling things at once so the user will be able to simply consider the works done.
    #693 #694
  • My second design for you, hope you like it. Thank you #683
  • Hi, let me follow your contest. This is my first design for you, hope you like it. Thank you #682
  • With real 3D visualisation. I can create Motion graphics, an animation web, other interesting directions of advance of a sign. #665
  • Dear Sir, here is my concept. I am open for any suggestion or task. #664
  • sir check my entries also #656 #657 #658 #660
  • Here A means assistant . Thanks #659
  • hi sir kindly check my designs #649 #650 #651 #652 #653 #654 #655 and feedback me thanks
  • Please review the project brief. #638
  • with Gradient for website.. #620
  • Hi, CH..
    Give me feedback and let me know what is missing from my designs and get perfect logo for you #617
  • VEA #614
  • ... #613
  • ... #612
  • Any thoughts? Any Changes? Thanks. #605
  • Sir, here is an another idea. Please let me know is it OK or not
  • About #574, @MDbiswas, interesting concept. Thanks for submission.