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Winning design #580 by NewDes, Logo Design for Velocity Logo Design Contest
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designed by NewDes

Project description

We're looking for a new logo for our creative consultancy Velocity. In simple terms, we make businesses better, smarter, happier and more productive. We do this using a combination of people, ideas and technology. And a positive outlook on life. All of the above combine to ensure we transform our client’s business with speed and direction. Some requirements from the brief: - Look and feel to be more akin to creative agency or tech start-up than a traditional management consultancy – simple, fresh, bright, positive - We need a palette of 5-8 colours to work with, each colour will come to represent a different division of the business - We will need a shorthand version of the logo for use in social media and anticipate building this around the ‘V’ – think Facebook’s ‘F’ or McDonald’s ‘M’.. or indeed Nike’s swoosh if your design involves a pictoral mark, emblem etc - If there is a way to subtly represent speed and direction typographically or pictorially, please explore (not mandatory) - There are 3 key Velocity 'Vectors’ around which our business is built: people, ideas, technology – if there is a way to represent this in logo please explore (not mandatory) For inspiration, some brands we like (but please don't limit your thinking to these, surprise us!): BBH -

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  • Hi, I'd be interested in hearing any feedback you have on #46 Cheers
  • Dear CH, please consider to check on my entry #20. Any feedback is very appreciated. Thank you
  • Hello! I present you one design with two colour schemes, #28 and #29 . I would love any feedback! Thank you.
  • Hello! Here's the explanation for my design: #24. I used 3 main colors: red, green, and light blue. I chose them because they all represent positivity. I incorporated 3 icons into the vector arrows that represent your companies key vectors: ideas, technology, and people. As you can see the idea light bulb icon is the vector point, whereas technology and people are placed on the arrows which represent the end product of that "idea". Hope you enjoy my design and look forward to any feedback. Thank you!
  • hello Ch, here is my proposed logo mockup for your brand #13 feedback is very much appreciated..thanks! jr
  • About #7 & #8 - Here is an idea of one way the arrow could be customized. I also wanted to demonstrate a more playful, but yet professional attitude by mixing lower/uppercase.
  • About #5 and #6 - I can do this basic design in any font or style you prefer. I chose two different fonts to give you a feel for each- one much bolder than the other. The blue glow around the edge would also be easily customizable in the 5-8 colors you need to brand each different division of your business. The "V" with the arrow would be very simple to use alone as well. Please do let me know what else I can design for you or change to demonstrate the look you desire. Thank you!
  • mockups not allowed in logo contests
  • Hello neilcameron ch i have posted #138 didnt want to include arrow heads, within the design just a logo with the movement within it. Hope you like the colour choices, if not any feedback on the design will help to improve the design for you, thank you and have a nice day.
  • entry is too much like entry 86 and 87 please be original
  • Hey Velocity, I submitted #79 and #80. 79 is a bit of a take off the V, which stands alone pretty nicely, while 80 is a bit more of a "lightning in a bottle", or capturing something rare concept (people, ideas, ect.). Any comments would be great. Thanks.
  • Hello, I submitted #69 #70 #72 #73 #74 #75 #76 #77 #78 for your revision. Please let me know your thoughts as to these concepts and if there is anything else I could do. Thank you!
  • Hey folks. To everyone that has entered so far and those currently surveying the brief and thinking of having a go: thank you. We have some further direction that we hope will help give a better understanding of what we're looking for: - Please remember that we are looking for a disruptive design in the context of consultancies - looking to move away from corporate polish - With that in mind we’re looking for something different to an overly computer-designed feel. Whilst not looking for hand-drawn antiquity or an ornate style, we are looking for something that feels real, with a bit more craft and character to it. Something with a bit of soul. - Please build logos with the Velocity name only - no strapline or supporting 'creative consultancy' required - While we can see the intent, use of a standard arrow to convey speed + direction is perhaps a little obvious and is only working in one or two designs so far. If you really believe there's a great design waiting to be seen that involves an arrow, please be sure that it offers something cut from a different cloth. - Some further direction on colours. If choosing to use them (and it is by no means necessary - although we will need to select a palette for the business' divisions a monochrome or 2 colour logo may win this) please consider palettes beyond primary. Use of colour we love:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&biw=1280&bih=656&bs=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=RFAJUpHeF-qH0AXs4YGQBQ#bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=6f8cf5a33409affb&hl=en&q=peter+doig&sa=1&tbm=isch&um=1&imgdii=_
    • Thank you for more direction! #10 seems to incorporate all of the items you mentioned here and in the brief. Since the designs that are being rated do seem a bit more polished & of the primary color pallet, I'm a little confused as to where the rest of the designs stand that have steered clear of this.

  • Hi Neil Please check my entry #232 and #234, feel free to comments. thanks
  • Hi Neil Cameron, In these designs #206 and #205 each shape makes up the square which then shows a 'V' for velocity, kind of like all the parts of the business coming together and solving a puzzle. Works on dark or white background. Kind regards, Liz
  • Dear CH, have you seen #116?. .
  • Hi CH #195 is my entry. please provide feedback for direction. thanks!
  • Is there any more direction you're willing to share?
  • Hello Ch, About #184 It is a new idea. Velocity is the symbol: boomerang shaped letter V. The #183 version is about V-shaped hand symbol, or wings in flight. If you have any suggestion, wait with interest.Kind Regards!
  • I have submitted #160 for your review. It has representation of speed in the "v" icon as well includes people, ideas, technology in the tagline. Please let me know if you would like to see changes.