Extremely happy! After wasting time and money on Fivrr, a business associate suggested I look into DesignContest. So glad I did! The notion that I can choose from hundreds of actual designs rather than hundreds of thumbnails of so-called "designers" on Fivrr makes so much sense. I learned that providing ratings and comments is critical to the outcome as it gives all designers visuals and feedback as to what I'm looking for. It was fun watching everyone hone in on my idea and refine my logo. Great job, everyone! I will DEFINITELY use DesignContest again!!

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Winning design #179 by designsss, Logo Design for VeriShare Contest
Gold Medal

designed by designsss

Project description

Need your creativity to come up with a professional logo to go along with my new name for my background check business. The key elements of my product are verify and share (thus VeriShare). I want the name VeriShare to be part of the logo. I am thinking the "V" in verify could look like a check mark although you are the expert and might have a better idea.  my marketing will focus around these key words: Verify, Trust and Safety. I am excited to see your work! Good luck and thank you!!

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  • ;) :) If you need any change or improvement let me know please. Thanks #265
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    • @cececemet Very nice! The icon should look like a check mark as much as a "V". Also, I'm not sure about the all-caps lettering. I think I prefer it the other way. Please keep trying! Thank you!!

  • one more #206
    • @psijorni I really like this option! Very nice and clean. It is one of my favorites!!

  • Designers: I really like 179 by designsss and I am close to awarding. Please suggest variations of that design, especially focusing on the font used as well as the check mark icon on the left. Very nice work everyone!! Thank you!!!
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