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Winning design #256 by khoirul, Logo Design for Vertical Chiropractic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by khoirul

Project description

I have a logo right now but am looking for a professional upgrade.  Looking for something trendy and modern, but still professional.  Do not want a spine in the logo, but maybe a slick upgrade to the logo we already have.  Attached is what our logo is right now.

Also, I'd like the logo in the green and white, or blue and white.  I selected a few colors because we may use for different marketing events.

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  • About #294, @maxx could we see this with some other color options. Also could we see this in same color but on a wooden backdrop? Thx
    • @tbadams25 Thanks for the feedback. Sure, we can work on other color options and use different mockups, but contest has expired so I can upload new options after you select a winner or extend contest. Best regards.

  • Can we see this on a wooden background please? thx
    nice work
    • @tbadams25 thank you for your feedback. Ok. but, is there another way to send my revisions? because, you contest has been ended.

  • How about this. #419
  • please,give me responds. thanks #416
  • Can you edit the "V" to make the arrow inside the logo coming from the left side of the V? THX
  • This is solid work. Can we see a version or two of the "Vertical" a little bigger as well as the "chiropractic" a little bigger as well. Overall we really like this. thanks #256
    • About #256, @tbadams25 Thank you for your good comments so far, I developed my logo on your request, I hope you still believe my performance thanks

  • please,give me responds, thanks #376
  • my concept design-02 #375
  • my concept design-01 #329
  • please check #311
  • please feedback. #310
  • vertical #303
  • concept 2 #301
  • My design #289 #297
  • hope u like it #292
  • Please feedback. thanks #267
  • how about this one? #265
  • . #264
  • Hi, if any revision i will fix it as soon as possible #263
  • new design
    this simple logo #259