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Winning design #74 by maxie, Logo Design for Vet Nurse Dolittle Contest
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designed by maxie

Project description

A freelance veterinary nursing/technician business. Offering traditional pet sitting services but in addition providing nursing services to clients within the comfort of their own home. The logo needs to be eye-catching but not too busy with an emphasis on animal care.

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  • I like it! Had some feedback from a friend who wondered if we could make the dog look 'happier', perhaps with a simple smile? Also can we play around with the colours. I'd like something more viberant bright green or cerise or red or bright purple???
  • Thank you for your entry. This is really good, I like the use of the paws and the cross and the hands forming a heart. The same goes for #23. Could you play around with the colours a bit for me? I'm liking the vivid pinks purples and turquioses some of the other designers have used.
  • Thank you for your entry. I like the retro feel of your design however this is not really what I am looking for. I would prefer something a bit more modern with more amimal symbols.
  • Hi, CH.. I have submit my logo revisions. Maybe this is better. Thanks for all.
  • Dear CH, I redesigned the logo according to your specifications: bolder text and the paw instead of the "o". #19 I really feel this is improving. Thank you for your feedback!
  • Bear, About #11. I would like the 'dolittle' to remain more prominent than the 'vet nurse' and also remove the circle and dog entirely. I look forward to seeing the adjustments.
  • I like this design. Could the colors be a little softer. I really like the pinks, purples and turquioses some of the other designers have used.
  • Thank you for this amended version of your design. I really like it. Where the paws cross over, could you make it just one colou, the blue? Or make that cross over toe one complete colour eg the purple used for the dolittle text?
  • Thank you for your entry. I like how you have tried to incorporate all the elements i have mentioned, although it does look a bit too busy and I would prefer the 'vet nurse' to be above the 'dolittle'.
  • Thank you for your entry. I' not sure I like the number of different colours. Although I like the fact that it translates well into black and white. Could you pick just two or three colours to make the design more unified?
  • Hi, About #9. I am drawn to your design and I understand what you are saying about the paw. I like the two tone shading you have put around the circle and of course the main feature of the 'stethoscope' dog. Could you possibly make the writing a little bolder? And perhaps like some of the other designs use a paw instead of the 'o' in dolittle?
  • Thank you for your comment, here is a fresh review #18 . I kept the lettering and colors and created a new character, hope you like it. Best regards Elijah
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #17 for your review.... thank you, DM
  • Hello CH, here I am sending my proposal #13 Please, kindly, let me know what you think and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
  • Hello CH, I appreciate the feedback - just to clarify would you like Dolittle to remain larger/more important than vet nurse? Would you like me to keep the upper section ( circle with dog) or remove it entirely? I will make adjustments and upload shortly
  • Thank you for your entry. I'm not too keen on the yellow section of the design although the bottom section is good. Could you possibly put the vet nurse above dolittle. Could you also put the paw in the place of one of the crosses?
  • Bluemonkey, About #6. If we can keep the stethoscope that would be great.
  • About #6: Thank you kindly for your feedback and rating! I will be happy modify this logo for you, per your requests. Just to clarify, did you want to stethoscope to remain in the logo (in addition to changing the hearts to paws)?
  • Thank you for your entry. I really like the colours and the simplicity of the design. Although instead of the hearts (which are clever) can they be pure paws. As well as the nurse services I also want my clients to know that I also offer normal pet services too. I do not want people to pass me by because my logo looks too medically orientated.
  • Thank you for your entry. I like the colours but the character on the side is a bit unclear. Could it be a definite dog, cat, rabbit or an amalgamation of the three?