Veterinary Animal Hospital Yin Yang Symbol

Toward the end, it became so difficult to choose among many wonderful designs. I wish I could keep the 5 best designs. The designers really listened to many of my comments and kept improving.

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Winning design #78 by kdaesung, Logo Design for Veterinary Animal Hospital Yin Yang Symbol Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kdaesung

Project description

Normally a Yin-Yang symbol is black and white with a white dot in the black and a black dot within the white. I am looking for a Yin Yang Symbol that on the first half is the silhouette of a dog and the other half is the silhouette of a cat. These 2 silhouettes make the division of the Yin Yang symbol. The two dots within the Yin Yang symbol is the silhouette of a reptile (lizard or turtle) and a bird (body or head). I am looking for a circular picture that will be made into a stained glass window located in the entry way of the animal hospital.

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  • Hello, I have tried to stay fairly faithful to the original Yin and Yang symbol. The dog's mouth is made up from a 'swoosh' delivered by the cat's claw. The reflection in the cat's eye is a bird in flight. Thank you
  • #6 I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  • changed the bird to a parrot and added colors, please let me know if you like the colors or should I change them, if I should make both the parrot and turtle the same color.
  • Change the type of bird. Maybe try doing it in color.
  • I like the turtle, but I thought the dog's head was a dolphin at first.
  • I don't see songbirds. Try a silhouette of a parrots head. Also submit something in color please. That may help see the animals better.
  • Let me know what you think. Is this along the lines of what you were envisioning?
  • About #28 This is an other idea. I thought why not give it a try.
  • I added eyes and shortened the nose a bit. The eyes can be added in by the stain glass artist using a sandblasting technique to make an indent in the colored glass. If they were to use separate pieces of glass they would either have to make them perfect circles, or make connecting lines. Let me know what you'd change. Thanks.
  • Added eyes, changed to parrot! I hope you like it!
  • I like the dog and cat silhouette. The bird looks like a robin. Please change it to a parrot. Maybe make them a little smaller and closer to the eye position or give the cat and dog eyes like #16.
  • Better. Please remove the words around the edge. The bird looks like a seagull. Please switch it to a parrot. Also, the cat's head is a little too big.
  • Much better. Can you add eyes like #16 and make the dog's nose more like #16.
  • Here you go! Better lines, different bird! Please let me know if you have any revisions in mind.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I fixed the dog's ear and was able to connect it to the parrot and no longer needed the branches, let me know if you would like them back in the picture, as that can be easily done. I used my dog as a model for the head, so it looks a little more like a lab now.
  • The cat on top is better and I like the salamander. Put a parrot in the eye of the dog and change the silhouette of the dog to a more realistic outline.
  • See notes about #10.
  • I like the color better. The ears can't stick out of the circle and the dog looks like a bear now.
  • I like it a lot. Can you move the bird into the head of the dog? There is something about the ear on the dog I don't like. Maybe try a color version of it I like the green on #15 by Sentot.
  • I like the color and the shape of the dog and cat's heads. Can you shift the cats head a little lower so there is more the Yin yang shape? Also, maybe shift the silhouette of the bird and lizard into the heads of the cat and dog.