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Winning design #811 by lizonil, Logo Design for Vibration Apparel Contest
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designed by lizonil

Project description

Vibration Apparel makes feel good, fun loving Tee Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts and Hoodies.  We want to raise the vibe of those wearing it.  The apparel has a message of inspiration and includes quotes, sayings and designs.  We are looking for a logo that will be used for the company and on all of the clothing.  The logo will be featured by itself as well on shirts.  The logo portion should be based only on the letter "V".  The consumer is health minded, active and most likely practices yoga.

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  • simple design logo #1120
  • I hope you like it. please give feedback to me. Thanks #1118
  • simple design logo for Vibration Apparel #1112
  • Late submission here. I chose to focus on the customer demographic of yoga practitioners. Yoga is a 5,000 year old practice from India, and for this reason I chose to style the "V" as if it was written in Sanskrit calligraphy. There are two variations of a calligraphy styled "V" to follow. #1073
  • #1026 - updated version of #65
    #1028, #1029, #1030 - updated version of #64
  • Simple and fun also energetic design is moto this logo concept, made from four triangle that has fourth element colours; fresh, energy, calm and fun or passion #1025
  • . #1004
  • v-tshirt #992
  • VIBRATION #983
  • 3D #982
  • 3D #981
  • v #980
  • Please check my designs..
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  • Dear sir,
    i hope you like my design and please given the feedback or rating.
    thanks #961
  • Dear sir,
    i hope you like my design and please given the feedback or rating.
    thanks #960
  • Dear sir,
    please check my design, i hope you like it and given the feedback for my work.
    thanks #959
  • please give feedback, thanks #910
  • Logomark design,
    the concept: " three triangle shake combination"
    Awaiting your feedback!! thank you #876
  • Logomark design,
    Design concept; "circle cutter shake"
    Awaiting your feedback!! #875
  • Hello, here is my entry, I'd like to hear a feedback from you. Regards #835