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Kkey was easy to work with and more than delivered what we were hoping for.


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Winning design #179 by Kkey, Logo Design for Viking Diesel Performance, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kkey

Project description

Our company sells diesel performance parts so we're looking for something more masculine. Maybe something like the Jolly Roger but with a big orangish-red beard and viking helm. It doesn't have to be a skull either, I just like the look of the jolly roger. Or perhaps a battle scarred viking with some blue war paint? Maybe some axe designs?

We're pretty open to ideas at this point. Our company will be branded as VDP. But this doesn't have to be included in the logo. 

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  • modern VIKING, hope you and your partner will like #197
  • Hello! I hope you will like it! If you need any changes, please let me know. Sincerely, Kristina. Thanks. #190
  • @nick13

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! #183
  • Another ide for Viking Diesel Performance. I hope you like it. Thanks. #180
  • Viking Diesel Performance #168
    • @Kkey We like these too but was wondering why you removed the others. They were some of our top favorites and was very disappointed to find them gone. Do you know if there is a way to add them back?

    • @nick13 There is a slight problem with the vikingi image, so the design was removed by design contest, but I have fixed it all so that there is certainly no problem with the design. You can choose one of my designs at this time if I really like it, I can present a design that I have uploaded before. we have 7 days to make some revisions if necessary. thanks.

    • @Kkey your design is from the net i think. and it was removed because theres a copyright problem.

    • @jomieobog no, I think it's just someone who wants to get rid of its competitors

    • @Kkey hello there... are we going to the next step?

    • @Kkey I can upload my previous design if you extend the contest even if it's only for one day, and I guarantee there won't be any problems with the design. thanks.

    • @Kkey Yes! That would be great. We just extended the contest. After you get them up I will be speaking with my partner to make sure we are on the same page and then will get back to you. Thank you so much!

    • @nick13 Thank you

  • Viking Diesel Performance #167
  • Trying differend direction for Viking Diesel Performance Logo #165
  • Можно было бы придумать как-то по своему ; ) ну или хотябы не сразу после такого же дизайна... #164
  • О дизайне #161, @olgert
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina. #106
    • @Kristina2912 Yes!! Definitely more of what we are looking for! Thank you so so much- it is in our top favorites for sure.

    • @nick13 Hello! Thanks for the positive feedback. If you need any changes, let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina.

  • I Hope you like it, Ty. VDP 4 #149
  • I Hope you like it, Ty. VDP 3 #148
  • I Hope you like it, Ty. VDP 2 #147
  • I Hope you like it, Ty. VDP 1 #146
  • Hi @nick13

    As per your brief I design this different logo. If you like the concept and need any changes like color or/and font kindly update me.
    Thanks #87
    • @purshottamguru Thank you so much for your hard work! You are very talented, and I can see the hard work you put into the detailing. It isn't quite the look we are looking for but still appreciate you sharing your time and talent with us!

  • how about this? #142
    • @fyanto4581 Yes! Very nice work, thank you so much for your time and talent! Will keep you posted on our decision.

    • @fyanto4581 Yes! Very nice work, thank you so much for your time and talent! Will keep you posted on our decision.

  • Viking Diesel Performance Logo #115
    • @Kkey Loving all of your entries! Definitely the look we are leaning towards. Yours are definitely in our top favorites. Thank you so much!

  • another idea #111
    • @greymind Thank you so so much! We love this one as well! Will keep you posted.

  • changes #110
  • changes #109