Villa Gaspar

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Winning design #81 by yourfriend, Logo Design for Villa Gaspar Contest
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designed by yourfriend

Project description

Villa Gaspar is a luxury rental villa in Mallorca, Spain.
The logo will come on the entrance of the villa, but will also be used on all publicity/advertising of the villa as well as on stationary, guest towels, …  for inside the villa.

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  • Here's a mockup of my design. Hope you like it. Good luck #87
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #85
  • Here's my idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #84
  • @dirk_wouters HI GOOD DAY Please check #80 . What do you think?
  • Hi, I hope this is also on the right track. Thanks #79
  • Exusme Dear Clint
    I am wondering whay I have received first 79 of rate then, replaced to 0 . #74
    • @iharbiam Dear, Sorry, but the first rating was an accident. I think it will be difficult to use this icon for the villa in Spain. Many thanks for your admission, Dirk

  • Hi! I hope I'm on the right track. Thanks. #73
  • Your comments and feedback is required.... Thanks, #74
  • Hi Dirk, Here is a version with the sides of the house added in. Let me know what you think -- if there is too much detail, too little detail, etc. Thanks! #72
  • hey
    Thanks for the feedback, what you can give advice, so I can improve my design.
    for the cost of stationary, until you will give what the price is right ..
    Thank you. #40
  • And thanks for the closeup of the tower of the house. Based on that photo I have created a slightly different version that has more details to the windows. I've also changed the look of the line strokes on the house. Let me know if you like either of these changes. Thanks! #58
    • @quelita Hi Quelita, Sorry but I think I did not explain myself good. I still like the size of the tower in the first drawing #44 My question was if is it possible to add the top portion of the left wing and right wing of the house. I mean having the tower in the middle and add the top portion of the bedroom on the left side and right side of the tower. So left room+tower+right room will cover the words "Villa Gaspar". If you feel this make no sense, we will stick to the tower only. Dirk

    • @dirk_wouters Hi Dirk, No, I'm sorry, I think I was misinterpreting. I think it could possibly be a little to "busy" to add all of those other details but I can certainly try it out and you can judge for yourself and see if you like it. I'll try to upload that new concept either later today or tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Ah okay, I see what you mean! I have just uploaded a version where the icon and the letters are the same width. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Quelita #57
  • Hello, #51 was a modified version but I only increased the size of the roof slightly. Here is another where it is even more exaggerated. If you want even more exaggeration please let me know and I can quickly make the change. Thanks! #54
  • Sure no problem - here is a version where the roof is extended more to the left and right. As for the monogram submission - it was handcrafted, not a font, but I will continue to work on it so each letter is more distinct!

    And P.S. I'm also American but am currently living in Mallorca. It's truly an island full of foreigners - a great place to live :) #51
    • @quelita Hi, Can it be you uploaded the same. I see no difference between #51 and #44 Dirk

  • Thanks for the feedback please give us your comments, I am ready to fix it, #53
  • Hi,
    thanks for feedback. Here is additional changes on my entry #38. #46
  • Hello! I live in Mallorca as well! For this submission I used a monogram concept. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes. I will continue to work on other ideas as well. Thanks for your consideration. #41
  • hi.
    thanks for the feedback, I have improved my design as your advice, please check out. #40
    • @srie Many thanks for your quick response. We will discuss internally and I will provide feedback. Dirk

  • Hi,
    this is my first entry for your contest. I've used a bit of retro touch with simple nature touch. Please leave me some comment / feedback .

    Thank you,
    Sagitarrius #38
  • Hi, Now check the space between Villa and Gaspar, Actually now a days modern designs are more useful because they can be used from web to prints, foils, stamps etc (anywhere) and looks great too. Waiting for your feedback. #19