VIME - Ciencia en Pérdida de Peso Duradera

I like the idea of having many different designs and not have to choose from two or three options

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Winning design #25 by Electra, Logo Design for VIME - Ciencia en Pérdida de Peso Duradera Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Electra

Project description

We're creating a nutrition consulting clinic where we will receive patients who are overweight and obese and give them a personalized diet with high protein producs (high-tech food). The idea is to build something that will be franchiseable, but that looks classy and medically oriented. The slogan is part of the logo and it translates to: Science in durable weight loss

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  • Dear CH can you please mention your desired Colours? Regards
    • Lets try with a base of either green, yellow or blue, and black. Then you could add other colors that go with it if it was necessary.

  • Entry #1 for your consideration. The design features a measuring tape shaped like a heart sign. The design inside is the actual structure of a protein molecule. The measuring tape symbolizes aesthetic fitness, the heart sign symbolizes health, and the protein molecule is used to symbolize the scientific approach of the service. Do tell me if you want changes. :)
  • Not too sure about it... but could you try the heart on the left of VIME?
    • definitely. i'll upload a revised design in 2 minutes. :)

    • #6 is a landscape version of the logo. please provide feedback.

  • I don't like the apple or that it is turned into atoms. I don't want to be too specific of science. I want to be more medically oriented. Thanks!
  • The design on top looks like a tooth :S
  • Can you put the heart on the left of "vime"?
  • This are the ideas from the lines as health line aspect #7,#8 and #9. open for suggestions, cheers, krisdesign
    • Thanks Krisdesign. I believe they don't send the value of medical/clinical seriousness. They would be great for a restaurant though.

    • ok, thank you CH, this is in some caligraphic style, think that you like one of that. Cheers, krisdesign

  • Hello Savina, we like logo #18, could you do some variations just to explore? We're looking for something like this, maybe a little more serious or just variations in general.
    • Thanks, I am glad you like it. Here are some variations. #20 - shape, #21 - color, #22 - effects. If you want something more - specifically just say

  • Dear Savina, we're liking the green and blue colors, like the one in the third row first column. Can you play with the tones of blue? Thanks!
    • here are some options for the blue color #25 .

    • Thanks, we liked 3 and haven't decided: 1st line 2nd column, 3rd line 1st column, 4th line 2nd column. Could you put those 3 in one image? Can we decide after the deadline? Thanks

    • Sorry but I am not at the computer now so I won't be able to make it before the deadline. When you choose a winner you will have one week to work with the chosen designer for minor changes.

    • Ok, Thanks! Please send us the three options when you can and we'll let you know if there are minor changes.

    • Also include in the bigger size the one in the 2nd line 3rd column.

  • Submitted #23. Please rate and also note that any adjustments can be made after winner is chosen. thank you