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This has been a gratifying experience for my husband and I as we weren't sure what to expect! We are very pleased and will continue to pass this site along! Thank you Design Contest Ltd.!!

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Winning design #58 by savevski, Logo Design for Vintage Auto Craft, Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by savevski

Project description

We are a custom automobile restoration company. We take an old car and turn it into something better than the day it rolled off the assembly line. If you've ever watched Bitchin' Rides or Over Hauling... you get the idea. We leave no detail left out and bring cars back to life. We can also take a new car and add custom details to it to make it not like everyone else. We have no logo yet as we have done no marketing. Word of mouth speaks for what we do for almost 10  years. We want a logo that we can put on T-shirts, business cards etc that speaks about our company. 

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  • Please let me know how you like the concept and if you'd like to see any changes.Thanks! #71
  • any color #47
  • Please check the updated design #39
    Hope you like it
    feed back will be appreciated
  • Just a sharp V, not the rounded one that you have here. Thanks #25
    • @nbazantpleil Thanks for feedback Please check the updated design #39 Hope you like it

  • Hi @nbazantpleil , Please check #37 and let me know what do you think..
    Thank you.
  • Also if you would like to see how the logo would look on a t-shirt I can upload that aswell
  • Please leave a comment regarding any changes that may be required. #36
  • I'm not into VAC. Sorry. I should have spent more time to read about how this works. I really like some of the things that are being sent so far.
  • I like the V but can you remove the A in the logo? Just a plain V and enlarge it so it's the height of both lines. #23
    • @nbazantpleil I'm glad to hear you liked it! Does #29 do what you asked? Thank you, eRic

  • About #15, @scooperr I can email it to you I guess. How would I post it here?
  • I like where you are going with this but the car is too new. I work on older style cars. #15
    • Can you please give me a link to the type of car that you like? I'll try to draw it.

  • I like this but can you just make a plain V in the circle of the logo. I'm not into the VAC, but like the V. #25
  • I like this but can you take the VAC out and replace it with 1 V like the cadillac V? #17
  • I'm not into the letters VAC. Sorry. #9
  • I'm not into the VAC letters. Sorry. #8
  • I like this but no graphics... just text. #7
  • Can you straighten up the V and make the pistons look more realistic. Can you make the connecting rods look like they are connected at the V? Instead of the gap in the middle of the V. I like where you are going with this one. #3
  • Can you modify the gear to look more realistic? #1
  • VAC-1

    My first draft proposal shown in solid/gradient color options. This is just a rough sketch if you like the minimal classic concept. #19
  • which is use word "Vintage Autocraft, inc. " or "Vintage Auto Craft, Inc." or other?
    • @acslikeme Vintage Auto Craft, Inc. Thank you