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What a pleasure! This has been a great experience! I wasn't sure of exactly what I wanted the logo for my new retail store to look like and using DesignContest has been great! Designers from around the world gave their interpretation of the title of the store and gave me many options to consider. The website made it easy to follow the system from step 1 to completion. I will use this again and again.

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Winning design #95 by cpgraphics, Logo Design for Vintage Urban Nomad Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cpgraphics

Project description

Logo for a new Retail store opening in Dallas, TX.  Store carries: new and upstyled furniture, items from our "wandering" the earth, clothes and accessories.

Need logo that can be on: business cards, website, stamp to place on brown paper gift bags, and sign for building.

Looking for something which captures "vintage", "urban" and "nomad". 

Future projects will include tee-shirts and banners.

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  • Please Feedback #124
  • the store is in an areas called Bishop Arts District About #105, @cpgraphics
  • Can you also do a one without the "furniture, home decor, clothing and accessories" and put BISHOP ARTS DISTRICT there instead? I appreaciate all your hard work on these. About #105, @cpgraphics
  • This is winning. One more change: in the line where Oak Cliff, Tx is can you add "Bishop Arts District" ? so the line will read "BISHOP ARTS DISTRICT OAK CLIFF, TX" About #105, @cpgraphics
  • Excellent!!!!!!! About #105, @cpgraphics
  • Hello sir,

    Here is the revision that you've asked for. It's everything ok? Thank you! #105
  • About #101, @yobie oohhh okay..thanks for the feedback...will post some concepts soonest....
  • I am wanting something that can be stamped on a shopping bag. All one color. Thank you for submitting. About #101, @yobie
  • I am wanting a more apothecary-detailed look. About #99, @DForce
  • I am looking for something more detailed. Thank you for submitting. About #98, @DForce
  • These are all great!! In the "g" in the word "vintage" there is a white curvy line in the loop part of the "g". Can this be less visible? or remove the line? About #95, @cpgraphics
  • About #91, @charlcye_bryson

    Thank you sir! Do you want something more?
  • Great!! About #91, @cpgraphics
  • I work hard again through your last review, and some tips to others designers, I realized some things and this is what I got. What do you think?
    Greetings! #85
  • I like these...trying to decide which one the best. Great work!! About #89, @egner
  • I like the passport theme. I am hoping ot expand in the US so I'm not interested in the Texas in this design...although a tee-shirt in the future might be good with a Texas theme. I like the "est 2015" and the Oak Cliff, TX. I want all three words around the same size so that people understand the store name is all three words or "VUN" for short. About #86, @Jobzz
  • This is great!! Thank you for reading through my feedback. I will be opening the store soon and even doing t-shirts in the future. About #85, @Leandrovallejos
  • This is great!! My favorite so far. Any idea on a border that would look good for this? This will be painted on the side of a building and a border around it might look good. #72
    • @charlcye_bryson Yes, of course. Here is my revision and some mockups. #91 , #92 , #93 , #94 , #95 I think that this concept fits perfectly, in a beautiful way, your business. Let me know if you need to change something. Thank you!

  • I like your #9 darkness but this look better. Can you change bottom line to "Est 2015 Oak Cliff, TX" #50
    • @charlcye_bryson I made the changes. Please, take a look #87, #88, #89, #90. If you need to change something else, just let me know.

  • instead of "est 2015" change to "Oak Cliff, TX" instead of "top quality" change to "retail store". instead of current "Dallas, TX" change to clothing and accessories", change current "retail store" to furniture and home decor" #65
    • @charlcye_bryson sorry for the delay. Still want to see the changes?