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Winning design #920 by Sabdo, Logo Design for VIRTHEON Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sabdo

Project description

If you got at this stage you are one of the chosen ones, now you can go wild with your colors 

take the design we left and make it look the best you can, color free, ...

We will choose between the best thanks to all of you, once we have chosen we will continue working with that person on a later basis.

Thanks to you all

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  • ready for your feedback and your revision #969
  • or this? #964
  • Please feedback. thanks :) #962
  • thank's for invit this my proposal #957
  • Where did I go wrong? I went from 85 to 74
    • @quietone the points do not matter for now it's just a way to compare designs with our display

    • @ruben_dify OK

  • I know you have worked hard on this one will not forget this but we're close to the end of this contest and we are hesitating between other designs thank you for everything we'll get back in touch i'll add you on facebook #937
  • green with black background??? #927
    • How did I lose 11 points? I was #1 for three days straight. I deserve to place.

  • there are 2hours left can you put it green with a black backgound pls #656
    • okAbout #656, @ruben_dify

    • I did as you asked. I hope this gets me back in About #656, @ruben_dify

  • What do you mean like this?
    Please check and give me a feedback. thanks #926
    • @goodday i don't know if you have the software to put it on a business card or wall to sow how it would look like, but if you don't have it no problem... thanks

  • Idea for your logo.
    Would be nice if brief had any info about what it's for ;) #923
    • @steinbergs_kristaps this contest has been running for a week, the reason we took the brief out is to be able to choose, ther's 2hours left, the short version is the secret place of the gods virtheon

  • hy do you think you could create a 3d effect, thanks
  • really nice, thanks
    • @ruben_dify you're welcome :)

  • Done. #920
  • this is new cilor.
    please check and i hope you give me feedback.

    thanks. #901
    • @Sabdo hi there you can play arround with colors, and in tshirt on wall, up to you thanks ;)

    • @ruben_dify please wait for my revise. thanks.

  • like the lettertype but the symbol is too common thanks #913
  • can you change the lettertype pls #633
    • About #633, @ruben_dify and thanks for explaining, could you show the 3 render this might help in your favor, thanks

    • @kedelai sorry but it's not what we are looking for thanks