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Winning design #122 by Iridith, Logo Design for vision west construction logo Contest
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designed by Iridith

Project description

a logo for a construction company. the logo must incorporate the name "vision west construction" so people know it is a construction company. I was thinking that the abbreviation VWC done in a design could make up the logo. But i am open to other ideas.

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  • could someone make vision west appear to come out of a solid block of colour from the base (probably dark grey) then about halfway up back lit with the red. so vision west looks back lit.
    • About #61. I made vision west come out of a solid block of red as you requested. feedback would be great. Thanks

    • Justin, trying to envision your description. #59 is weak attempt. I will try again. Are there any other details you could describe. Thanks Vet87usaf

    • I have submitted #63 and #64. I think these look a better.

    • good evening CH.. i submitted draft 67 as my design.. thank you...

    • can you get some reference file of what exactly you looks

  • about #42. This is a VW ICON. feedback would be great. Thanks.
  • Hello, I submitted #36 #37 #38 please let me know your thoughts on any of these concepts. Thank you!!
  • so far i like the modern look of all the logos but i would like to see some classic styles. Remaining clean and uncluttered.
  • Hello CH, Could you write a few word about #10? You said you like the "E" in it, can you say what you like/dislike in the overall design so I know how to change it? Is the VWC symbol something you'd like to have in your logo or it's not required. Best regards, Iridith
    • i like your logo and style. i like the E simple and stands out without being tacky. most probably i would'nt use the vwc logo but as it is it stands alone so i could remove it if i wanted. so far i prefer someone else's more.

  • Dear CH - pls take a look at my designs #25 and #22. I'd appreciate if you let me know what you think about it. Thank you in advance. Regards.
    • sorry but i don't like your logos. thank you for your effort though

  • Hi. So far i like your design the most. Can you submit some more with slight variations to this one. can you also try the logo with a oval, rectangle and round background shape in the grey color with white letters. Cheers
    • |--|

      justin1 wrote:
      Hi. So far i like your design the most. Can you submit some more with slight variations to this one. can you also try the logo with a oval, rectangle and round background shape in the grey color with white letters. Cheers
      |--| Hi and thanks for your feedback! I've submitted #17, #18, #19, #20 for you. The rectangle worked a lot better, than the round and oval shapes, as a background.

    • What version do you like the best.

    • Have a look at entry number 10. i like the E in west can you do something similar with the red triangle

    • i was hoping you could make the red triangle divided 3 times horizontally and 3 dimensional like the E in logo 10

  • Hello CH, I've made two variations of #31 - #56 and #57 (in which I've used the effect you asked for). Best regards, Iridith
  • Hello Contest Holder, I'm open to any suggestions and advice so please take a look at mine and give feedbacks! I really enjoyed your design project so I hope you like my design just as much! Thanks #79
  • Hi CH, I had submitted my design for you to review, #82, #83 and #84. Hope you will like it and need your feedback to improve it. Thanks
  • Hello, Mr.Justin1,, I have submit my logo #81 for Vision West Construction. Maybe You'll love it. I am welcome for any feedbacks. Best regards.
  • About #105! Please check my design If you think anything additionally so Please replay Thanks
  • Hello again Mr.Justin1,.. Here I have submit my second logo #100 for VISION WEST Construction. My icon is reprents of VWC initial. Both icon and the logo text could be a standalone logo. Best regards.
  • Hi dear CH, can you see the vision in this draft #131 ?
  • Hello, CH! :) I submitted entries #111, #114, #116 and #130. If you notice, #116 is a redesign of what I have there in #111 (just made an eye out of it for "vision") and #130 is an update of what I submitted in #114 for I have "Company" written there instead of "Construction" :) I tried to come up with this design (considering only the colors you gave on the brief) and hope that at least you'll like it, and so, I need your suggestions and opinion if ever you got problems with this. Might as well tell me more about what design you prefer, any type of effect you would like, or if you wanna see something in particular, or if you want an specific style of the font, please point me in any direction you like. Also, let me know if you would like me to try anything else for you. Thank you, and GOD Bless! :)
  • Hello CH, I've uploaded a few variations of my entry - #120, #121, #122, #123, #124, #125 and #126. Some of them are my previous entries with minor adjustments. Best regards, Iridith