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Winning design #148 by arumpandanluhur1975, Logo Design for VITAFICIENT Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arumpandanluhur1975

Project description

We are a personalized solution to the spplement and vitamin market. Instead having multibale bottles of vitamins we compound exactlly want you want into your unique vitamin formulation. Which results in better compliance and less pills to swallow. We are a new concept in the Vitamin space with only a few competitors ( Vitamin Lab & personlized nutrition) This is precision medicine and a radical departure from traditional supplements. If you can dream it we can make it!  
Our Target audience will be both direct to consumers and Medical practitioners: Integrative, Functional, Regenerative, Health Coaches, Dietitians, Gyms, Nutritionists, APRN’s, NP’s PA’s, Naturopaths, Chiropractors. We will start in the medical community first. We will also be doing privet labelfor the medical community. 
Attached is a sample bottle that I was playing around with. We are going to be using amber bottels with parchment paper labels. I would like an apothecary feel with a modern, sexy and highend appeal. something that screams pick me up and look! Want the brand and bottels to look amazing on your kitchen counter. I do like the colors on the attached bottle and the V but open to anything. 


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  • About #148, @arumpandanluhur1975
    HI, congratulations!

    CAN YOU DO THIS DESIGN WITH A STRONGER BLUE AND ORANGE AS IT WILL BE PUT ON A PAPER LABLE. ALSO CAN YOU MAKE THE FONT THICKER. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO SEE THE VF symbol underneath with personalized supplements. my direct contact is or what's app Dawn Anatra. how much to hire you to do our labels?
  • About #148, @arumpandanluhur1975
  • About #148, @arumpandanluhur1975
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